Women’s Mummy Pig Costume

This women’s Mummy Pig costume is perfect by itself or paired with one of our other costumes from Peppa Pig for a group costume idea.


Being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but it’s also extremely challenging. While you’re knee-deep in dirty diapers and empty baby bottles, do you ever begin to daydream? Maybe you picture yourself taking a dip in the ocean while you’re on an exotic vacation? Maybe you see yourself kayaking in the rugged whitewater rapids? Or maybe, just maybe, you picture yourself splashing in a mud puddle like a happy-go-lucky pig? Though that fantasy might sound slightly bizarre to most, don’t worry because we totally get it–we happen to think pigs are cool farm animals. Oh yeah, we also frequently fantasize about relaxing in a cool mud bath….If you want to take a quick break from your motherly duties and experience life as an easygoing yet still very active mother, then you need to transform into the best pig-mommy of them all… Mummy Pig. She’s Peppa and George Pig’s proud mum and when she’s not doting on her piglets, she’s preparing meals for her family and staying in shape by working out to Mr. Potato’s Fitness Show. Like we said, she’s a very busy mommy!  If you want to take a little break from being a super-mom and experience life as devoted Mummy Pig, then this is the costume for you. The dress has contrasting long sleeves while the velour leggings complete the look. The soft-sculpted character headpiece attaches under the chin and complete your transformation into Mummy Pig. This costume is perfect for complementing your daughter’s Peppa Pig costume, or it’s also great to wear before a mud bath, too!      

Peppa Pig Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: LI5860

Price: $44.99

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