Women’s Harlequin Red and Black Socks

These Women’s Harlequin Red and Black Socks are the perfect addition to your Halloween costume. The true harlequin vibe will come through when you wear these.


SOCK IT TO USWhat would we do without socks? We think it’s about time we show our admiration for this particular article of clothing. If we didn’t have socks in our life think about how smelly our feet would get no matter how many shows we took and it wouldn’t even be our fault. Not to mention, even wearing sneakers without socks would be extremely uncomfortable. Yes, we’re really thankful someone invented socks (we wonder who) but superheroes and supervillains are incredibly grateful for socks because of how much they run around. This pair of red and black socks are of favorite to a particularly mischevious villain? It goes with all her costumes and they’re super comfortable. If our favorite villains know two things, it’s how to dress and how to act crazy.PRODUCT DETAILSThe knee-length socks are intentionally mismatched to add some funky flair to your costume. They’re stretchy and feature double lines around the cuffs for a sporty look. One sock is black with three red diamonds along the calf and the other sock is red with black diamonds.SUPREMELY COOL SOCKSRock these socks with any jester or Harlequin costume! Hey, if you really want to get crazy, wear them with a Red Queen costume too. After all, when you’ve got socks these cool, you do what you want!

Clown Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: LE6632

Price: $9.99

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