Women’s Flight Captain Costume

Halloween night will be clear skies and smooth flying in the Women’s Flight Captain Costume!


Passport PunditWhen it comes to travel, you know your stuff. You would never be caught holding up the security line or bored and unprepared for a long flight. Your travel bag is well-worn but the perfect size and weight to carry around without ever slowing down. Then there’s all the advice you can dish out about where to go. People know they can always turn to you when it comes to vacation recommendations. You know where to find those unpopulated white sand beaches, where to go for a bottle of wine and the perfect meal in Paris. Guides in Patagonia know you by name and you know that the basic pyramid tour in Egypt simply isn’t worth your time. You might not know how to fly the airplane in reality but when it comes to traveling the world, you’re still the boss!Product DetailsIf you’re ready to receive the high-flying respect you deserve, you’ll love slipping into this gorgeous captain costume. This sleek look has a pencil skirt silhouette that’s belted with a gold-trimmed belt. The wrap top has a dramatic v-neck, an “airline captain” pin and elbow length sleeves with gold bands adding an extra touch of class. And of course, the look is topped off with a structured captain’s hat that ties into the look with gold trim. Elevated EntranceGet ready for folks to fight for your attention when you exit the cockpit, after all, they know you’re the one to ask when it comes to travel tips. Stride in with confidence and smoothly share your stories about overnighting in Dubai or that crazy time you flew through a storm above the Himalayas. With an official-looking costume like this one, it’s obvious that the world is actually your oyster. Now, how about hooking us up with some of those frequent flyer miles?

Pilot / Flight Attendant Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: DR10685

Price: $39.99

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