Western Bandolier Bullet Belt

You’ll become the scourge of the West when you wear this western bandolier bullet belt. The tough-looking accessory is the perfect way to build your own Mexican bandit costume for Halloween!


Want to add a little spice to your ordinary work day? Trying wearing this bad boy to the office. When Rita asks you for those fax machine cover sheets, shout, “Viva los copier pages!” and run away. When your boss wants to know when you’ll have your next project ready for him, you can slowly pat your bandolier and raise your right eyebrow and show him the finger guns. And when that annoying secretary wants to know how your day is going, narrow your eyes with your sombrero and scream “Aye ye ye!” See how much fun work can be when you have the right attitude…and accessories?

Material: Polyester
Item: SM32965

Price: $34.99

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