Top Gun Men’s Jumpsuit Costume

Get a classic eighties movie look this Halloween when you wear this licensed Top Gun Men’s Jumpsuit Costume.


The Keys to the JetDo you think that a Grumman F-14 Tomcat has keys? Like, does a crack pilot have to carry around a key to start the jet engines, just like in an automobile? You have to admit that it would be a pretty baller move to break out your keychain in the middle of the party to show everyone the key to your F-14 Tomcat fighter jet! Well, perhaps you could be the one busting out the jet keys at the party…Don’t worry. You don’t have to attend years of flight school. You don’t have to engage any dangerous bogeys in the air. You don’t need to start a scuffle with Iceman. You don’t even need a co-pilot (although we HIGHLY recommend heading to every party with a good wingman). You just need this officially licensed Top Gun costume and a healthy need for speed!Product DetailsThis adult Top Gun costume helps you look like an ace pilot from the most prestigious flight school in the world. It comes with a dark green jumpsuit designed to look like the flight suit from the movies. It fits with a zipper in front and it also has 2 pockets on the chest. Various patches decorate the front, including a Top Gun patch. The sleeves have more patches to help create an authentic look. The costume even comes with a baseball cap that has the Top Gun logo on the front.The Real MaverickJust pair this costume with your best sunglasses and you’ll be ready to head to the party as the hotshot pilot, Maverick. You could even cosplay as Goose or Iceman if that’s more your style. Just make sure you put that extra “jet key” on your keychain so you can show off to all of your friends!

Top Gun Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: RU821157

Price: $54.99

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