The Shining Jack Torrance Costume

Become the homicidal Jack Torrance from the novel and movie The Shining with this Jack Torrance Costume that features a plaid shirt and red jacket.


Hope You Enjoy Your StayThe Stanley Hotel is a high-class place. The hotel has one of the classiest ballrooms in the country with one of the most beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains. The private rooms have tall ceilings, large windows, and lush wood details. Entering the lobby is a treat. Tall white walls, a grand staircase, and a lovely large fireplace welcome you in. And the food! Really, you should see the kitchens. Of course, there are rumors about the hotel’s history. If you happen to run into two little girls in the hallway, try not to think about visions that may or may not happen next. Anyone who hears cries of “Unmask, unmask” late at night is welcome to call the front desk for a set of very comfortable earplugs. Oh, and we’re sorry but room two-three-seven will always be unavailable due to it’s… permanent resident.Product Details & DesignPractice your wild grin and get ready for your mountainous stay with this costume. You’ll look like you’re straight out of the Stephen King classic with this plaid button-up shirt. The maroon jacket buttons up and a pocket, it’s high-quality enough to be worn around town so no one will be suspicious about your character until you pick up a prop ax and show your true colors. “Red Rum” She WroteIf you’ve packed your bags and your typewriter, it seems like you’re ready. Just be careful, this hotel can have a strange effect on people. You might start to get strange ideas when the snow starts to gather around the windows. Know that you’re not alone. There’s always a party going on at the bar. Lonely? Have the little twins from the hall tag along, they know everything about the hotel. Just remember to have a good time. After all, you know what you say about all work and no play!

Horror Movie Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: TTTTWB113

Price: $69.99

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