Star Wars Chewbacca Stuffed Figure Backpack

Explore new parts of space and watch over your friends when slinging this Chewbacca stuffed-figure backpack over your shoulder, on your way to school, to work, or to the gym. 17″ Backpack. Perfect for the furry-liking Star Wars fan.


Wookiee BFFWe all know that Chewbacca is the best friend ever. He stands by Han Solo’s side, no matter what! Just look at their long history throughout the Star Wars movies. In A New Hope, he stuck by his side even when Jabba the Hutt threatened them and even when they decided to take on a crazy mission to the Death Star. In The Empire Strikes Back, he followed Han through a dangerous asteroid field. In Return of the Jedi, he risked life and limb to rescue him from the clutches of Jabba’s Palace. We should all be lucky to have such a great best bud!Of course, it’s much harder to find a Wookiee best friend than you might imagine. We’re not sure how to charter a flight to Kashyyyk, so we thought it was impossible, but with this Chewbacca stuffed figure backpack, it’s easier than ever to have a Wookiee best friend.Product DetailsThis little dude might be smaller than the average Wookiee, since he measures about 17 inches tall. He is, however, just as furry as the real thing! He has a small pouch in back, so you can carry a few things with you on crazy space adventures and he even comes with a pair of adjustable shoulder straps, allowing you to take him with you wherever you go!Backpack for Aspiring Han SolosIf you want to be like Han Solo or you just need a furry pal to take with you on adventures, then this officially licensed Star Wars backpack is perfect for you!

Chewbacca Costumes
Material: Faux Fur
Item: ZOW66326

Price: $14.99

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