Sourpuss Feline Spooky Halloween Lydia Dress

Black Cats aren’t always scary! Make Halloween cute this season with this Sourpuss Feline Spooky Halloween Lydia Dress!


Stranger than Purr-fictionAre you ready to get weird? That’s what Halloween is all about, you know. And you know what? The wonderful thing is, you get to be weird in whatever way you choose. Maybe you’re the one who tells macabre stories at parties with a weirdly cheery smile on your face. Maybe you don’t go to parties and stay at home, dancing to Timber Tamber by candlelight. And hey, maybe you throw your very own party. We can totally see someone wearing this dress while hosting a dinner party with a macabre twist to every entree. A bowl of spooky pork dumplings in a red chilly sauce sits beside lumped potatoes with a hand made of roasted meat in the middle. A brain made of hummus sits on the sideboard while a grotesque Jell-O mold waits in the kitchen. Okay, we’re a little hungry for Halloween themed foods and should probably take a break from Pinterest. Our point is, you be you this Halloween, in whatever weird way you want to be! Product DetailsThis adorable cat and pumpkin print fifties-style dress is ready for whatever your Halloween events might be. The top has a collar and wavy capped sleeves. It buttons up the front with tiny orange buttons and is cinched with a black band in the middle. The skirt has plenty of twirl factor with tiny pleats at the waist and a trim at ruffles along the hem.The Feline Feelin’Are you ready to head out with kitten-like playfulness? This dress is sure to give you a little extra energy through the Halloween season. Go all out with a fifties style. Do your hair, break out the bright lipstick, and enter the room with a twirl. Now that it’s Halloween, we’re all embracing coming down with a little cat scratch fever!

Cat Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: SOUSPDR441

Price: $59.99

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