Sky Blue Crayon Footless Tights

Your sky blue crayon costume is not complete until you add these Sky Blue Crayon Footless Tights!


Do you ever get tired of your plain black and nude tights? Sure they are ‘adult’ and they make your legs look really nice. But, still. Sometimes you want a little color in your life. A little bit more fun and spunk. Yeah, you can buy lots of fun shoes and cute skirts, but that gets expensive real quick.Tights are far cheaper, but just as much fun as shoes and skirts. And, with a variety it is easy to change up any outfit. These Sky Blue Crayon Footless Tights can be easily combined with a black dress or that adorable multi colored galaxy skirt, or a Sky Blue Crayon Tank Dress. It can be more difficult to decide what not to wear these with. Whatever you choose though, these tights are sure to make your night a little more fun.

Crayon Costumes
Material: Nylon
Item: RA458103

Price: $9.99

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