Royal Blue Sequin & Fringe Flapper Dress Costume

She’s ready to shake and shimmy! Dance the night away in this Blue Flapper Dress!


You know what common term we’ve never understood? “Feelin’ blue.” Why do down and cerulean supposedly go together? Isn’t there anyone out there who finds blue to be the most uplifting color around, like us?Phew! Are we glad we found you! And do we have a Halloween look that’s bound to have your feeling blue in the best way possible! You’ll definitely be putting on the Ritz in this royal blue sequin & fringe flapper dress–a fancy, fun costume for any blue-loving woman to wear. Now, “fringe benefits” is a term we totally get! And this fab frock has ’em–an abundance of beautiful fringe to move with you while you dance and discuss the merits of your favorite hue. Beware of naysayers; Gatsby is bound to tout the superiority of green and many other flappers will go head over heels for black, but stand your ground. Real flappers wear blue!We don’t know why, but it just seems that this blue costume has totally transported you back to the roaring twenties. The tank dress boasts all the best trends of fashion’s finest era: sequins, a drop waist (and we mentioned the fringe already). And just in case you were worried, the sequin headband has even more bang for your buck–blue feathers! Pick up a matching blue boa to complete the look and show all those know-it-alls that feeling blue doesn’t bring you down, it pumps you up!

4th of July Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN1000BLAD

Price: $19.99

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