Queen of Hearts Playing Card Costume

You’ll have a detailed and unique look this Halloween when you’re wearing this queen of hearts playing card costume. Add it to any of our other costumes for a great Wonderland theme idea.


“Off with their heads!”It’s been said (not by us) that she isn’t quite playing with a full deck. But somehow the Queen of Hearts manages to hold court wherever she goes. We think it’s because some things about her just don’t change – her undeniable command presence, her fiery temper, and definitely that signature catchphrase, to name just a few. But why threaten beheadings in the same old, tired way?Not that we condone such things, of course. But the regal Queen of Hearts Playing Card Costume will let you bring a style all your own to this iconic baddie. The queen has been menacing daring young British girls for as long as we can remember, and now she can be the all-new monarch of mean…or mystery. That’s completely up to you (how you rule Wonderland is your royal prerogative, we happily remind you). And it doesn’t matter if you’re playing solo, or packing a full house of kings, jokers, and aces for your royal escort. Walk into any Halloween party or masquerade wearing this unique, kaleidoscopic dress, and the red carpets will roll faster than any heads you’ve ever seen.The Queen of Hearts Playing Card Costume bestows a truly royal stature, with a full-length polyester dress, a playing card-themed collar that’s fit for a ruler, and (as if we’d forget!) a crown to top things off. You’ve always wanted a taste of the queen’s royal lifestyle. Now it’s yours. Just remember to tell your subjects to mind their heads!

King and Queen Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU16870

Price: $39.99

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