Princess Bride Rodent of Unusual Size Plush

How you deal with this Rodent of Unusual Size is up to you. Our suggestion? Use the fire spouts of the fire swamp.


Are you thinking about heading out on a hike? Looking for a destination that has interesting geographic features and flora and fauna but isn’t populated by tourists? We know just the place! And as long as you can survive the three primary dangers of the fire swamp you’ll survive your day hike! Oh, those three dangers? Not much, just flame spouts, lightning sand, and . . . what was the last one? Oh yeah! Rodents of Unusual Size. The flame spouts are somewhat easy to avoid, as long as you listen for an interesting popping sound you can jump out of the way in time. The lightening is a little trickier. If by chance you’re taking a hike in this interesting location you’ll definitely want to travel in pairs, if only for some help getting out of the pits of sand that’ll swallow you up in a split second. The danger that could really do you in are those nasty rodents of unusual size. They’ll come out of nowhere and do their best to eat you up. The best way to keep them at bay? Use the fire swamp against them, particularly those handy fire spouts. Sure, your hike might be a little more interesting than you were planning on but it sure beats the crowded state park parking. If you want to practice your R.O.U.S. take down this stuffed prop will be there for you. Have a friend throw it at you from different angles and roll with it, maybe you’ll figure out your weak points. Or you could simply use it as a prop for your Westley costume. If you’re aware of these three dangers than you’re sure to enjoy your Sunday hike, happy trails!

Princess Bride Costumes
Material: Faux Fur
Item: FUN0273

Price: $19.99

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