Plus Size Horse Costume

What do you say to this Plus Size Horse Costume? Yea or NEIGH? Obviously, since it’s awesome AND an exclusive, you have to say yea! Available in 2X.


You know, we believe there’s a lot of value in the act of horsing around. At the office, on occasion, we play games to unwind and keep our hand-eye coordination sharp in preparation for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. We can be found sometimes playing billiards, or foosball, or that dang water-bottle-flipping game. Some of us even keep tucked deep in the dark corners of our desk this majestic horse costume, ready for any and every occasion to slip into it. As a result, we like to think we’re more fun, communicative, naturally competitive, and willing to cooperate for a common goal.Like us, you might be wondering the proper definition of “horsing around.” Like, does it encompass all forms of play, from rock-paper-scissors to Mario Kart, or is it more narrowly defined as needless action? Who knows—maybe there isn’t even a difference. We’re certain that anything you do in these hooves and horseskin, though, will fit anyone’s definition. Getting the mail? The look on your neigh-bors’ faces will inspire a hearty laugh, we’re sure. Just walking across the house? Your spirited trot from the bedroom to the kitchen will be the icebreaker you’ve been hoping for with those new roommates, we’re sure!This specific high-quality horse suit is made of soft brown velour and features built-in hoof-like foot covers and mitts, which fold back so you can use your opposable thumbs. The matching plush headpiece is shaped to look like a horse head, and features a majestic mane to match the tail. That said, all that’s left to do is get this bad boy tucked away in your desk for the myriad opportunities that might beckon your horse-filled shenanigans!

Horse Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2925PL

Price: $64.99

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