Peppa Pig Raincoat Costume

This Peppa Pig Raincoat Costume will make a rainy day more fun, becuase she’ll be dressed for something special to happen!


There are so many great pigs in cartoon history. Porky Pig taught us that you don’t need pants or perfect diction to be the best guy ever. Snowball from Animal Farm taught us that you don’t need pants or a strong sense of ethics to be the best dictator ever. And Peppa Pig teaches us that all you need to win hearts and change minds are a kind heart, an upbeat attitude, and a winning snort.With Peppa’s upbeat attitude, she’s ready for everything life in her happy little world can throw at her. She has tackled amazing challenges like looking around in her grandma’s garden, losing her shoes, and even washing her family’s car because it got dirty. And the rain is no match for Peppa either, because she always has her raincoat handy. This is a wise move on her part, seeing how she lives in England where there’s always a 90% chance of rain in the next ten minutes.Let your little Peppa fan be the same way by getting them the official Peppa Pig Raincoat Costume! It comes with printed on blotches of mud, because what little pig can resist rolling around in the mud a little? The hood is Peppa’s beaming face, and the boot covers fit over your kid’s boots to make them match the outfit. Your kid will love hamming it up as Peppa!

Peppa Pig Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: LI1491

Price: $14.99

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