Mossy Oak Formal Pocket Square

This Mossy Oak formal pocket square adds a unique touch to your tuxedo. Paired with our matching mossy oak tuxedo, you will have a look unlike any other!


When you are suiting up for opening day of hunting season, you probably put on your camouflage jacket and hat, and head into the woods to your favorite spot like you do every year. Since nature is dirty and you never know what kind of messes you’re going to get into, your hunting outfit is most likely very practical with no frills, and is just there to keep you warm, dry, and hidden. But wouldn’t you totally dress up in hunting formal wear if you had some?? You’d be the talk of the forest if you strolled in wearing a camo tuxedo! If you do happen to have a camouflage dinner jacket, this Mossy Oak Pocket Square is an absolute must-have to complete your ensemble! Even if you prefer more easily-visible styles, a camo pocket square like this will add a unique flair to any color or pattern of tuxedo. This is the perfect gift for the avid woodland enthusiast that has everything!

Mossy Oak Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: MOS2118

Price: $.99

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