Michael Myers Kids Costume

Did you know that you have a murderous Halloween villain in your home? Just dress your kid up in this Michael Myers Child Costume and no one will be safe!


During our research of this costume, we discovered something quite interesting. The prop department working on Halloween (1978) couldn’t decide what to have Michael Myers wear. They eventually settled on a William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk) mask painted white. And boy was it creepy!Your kid, like all kids it seems, is very interested in horror movies. You couldn’t stop him from watching them if you tried. He would just sneak over to his friends house, and watch even worse than Halloween. You do not want him watching the Hills Have Eyes. Not yet. You don’t want the questions about if someone would really do those things to another person. And right now, he seems content with Halloween, so that’s good.This Halloween let him live out his villainous urges with this Child’s Michael Myers Costume. He will be running around scaring the pants off his friends in the blue jumpsuit, and white William Shatner mask that made the original Halloween movie so frightening. Don’t forget to pick up a Halloween Butcher Knife to complete the look. He might not be able to take it to school with him, but he will have a blast making the stabbing motions that Michael Myers makes in the original movie. You’ll have to remind him that Michael never talks. It only makes his murderous rampage that much more scary. (And you’ll get a little peace, and quiet out of the deal!)

Michael Myers Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU886790

Price: $29.99

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