Men’s Plus Size Mossy Oak Camo Hunter Costume

This plus size camo hunter costume will allow you to really blend in at your next gathering! Made with officially licensed Mossy Oak fabric. Available in 2X.


There’s no question that hunting tugs on some invisible, primal string inside of us. How else would people be able to sit in the cold woods waiting for an absent-minded turkey to wander past? There’s some kind of deep instinct that makes us want to go to the woods and harvest food for ourselves instead of picking up a plastic tube of mystery meat at our local grocery store. Whether you’ve bagged a gobbler every season since your early teens or you’ve been a vegan for ten years, the transition into looking like a seasoned hunter is quite simple. Be sure to have a healthy five-o-clock shadow. When hunters head out to the woods they don’t take much time to primp and shave in the mirror. Also, have a couple tricks up your sleeve if you’re going to a party in hunter camo. Forget about small talk, turkey talk is your code now. Bring a diaphragm turkey caller along. Now, you may have to practice for a few weeks to get the conversational results you’re looking for but it’ll totally be worth it, maybe. Other than the calls you can talk about the sizes of animals you’ve taken down. Feel free to make up lingo such as he was a real schmulzer or I could barely lift that naz-gozzler and so on. When you follow our tips to pretend you’re a seasoned hunter and put on this camo costume people are sure to assume that you’ve got a cellar full of homemade jerky at home. You don’t even have to pull a trigger to feel that primal tugging in your soul. Just put on this camo hunter ensemble, it’s got you covered.

Camouflage Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6718PL

Price: $34.99

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