Men’s OppoSuits White Knight Suit

This Men’s White Knight Suit by Opposuits is a unique take on traditional formal or business wear.


Let us tell you what it’s like to show up to the party as a White Knight… it basically entails riding a shimmering stallion into the courtyard, and letting everyone know that you’re the one who is here to save the day. Now, it might not be appropriate to show up in armor to your next semi-formal event, but what would be appropriate and expected is this Opposuits White Knight suit. With all of the style of the Opposuits suit line but in a crisp white tone that is sure to let you shine, you’ll have no trouble saving the day for anyone you might meet at the big soiree.This suit is one of the newest looks from the incredible suit masterminds at Opposuits. Fully lined, the jacket has a modern slim fit cut. The pants run a little bit long to accommodate sneakers in case you want to dress down your suit just a little bit. (But don’t be shy about getting out your best pair of cap-toes, either!) Get this unique suit to showcase your outstanding fashion sense… and your penchant for being a hero.

Material: Polyester
Item: OSOSUI0049

Price: $99.99

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