Marvel Spider-Gwen Women’s Blanket Scarf

Fuel your inner superhero this winter when you wear this Marvel Spider-Gwen Women’s Blanket Scarf. It features a Spider-Gwen inspired blanket scarf with her signature colors and logo.


With great power, comes great… style. Or is it the other way around? You might have to ask Spider-Gwen herself. She’s the one with all the web-slinging superpowers and a superior fashion sense, but it’s hard to tell if one had any influence over the other. Did the radioactive spider bite also instill a keen eye for fashion or has Gwen always been gifted with impeccable style? We recommend fusing this Spider-Gwen blanket scarf into your winter wardrobe so you always look (and feel) powerful even when combatting the cold. This Marvel inspired scarf will add a punch of Marvel Hero sophistication to any ensemble. Made from warm custom woven acrylic, our officially licensed blanket scarf features fringed ends, girly hues, and a Spider-Gwen logo pattern. It’s the best (and only) way to gain Gwen’s fabulous sense of style without enduring a bite from a mutant spider!  © 2017 MARVEL

Spiderman Costumes
Material: Acrylic
Item: FUN9083

Price: $3.99

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