Lace Shawl

This Lace Shawl might make your flapper dress a bit less scandalous by covering your shoulders.


Once upon a time there was a flapper. Scandal followed her wherever she went because of penchant for drama and fancy dance moves. The speakeasies all knew her by name, and they all loved her dearly. One evening they noticed she forgot her signature Lace Shawl, and seemed chilled. Because of the chill, too much dance, and perhaps her scandalous outfit she caught a cold. Folks didn’t see her for a few weeks, but did worry she would not return. She returned to the speakeasies again always with her handy Lace Shawl after that. You can be just as spunky as her with the Lace Shawl for your next 20s themed costume. The 100 percent polyester shawl is a one size fits most. It will add stunning flare to your next flapper costume.

Flapper Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FO73213

Price: $9.99

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