Kids Leprechaun Costume

Our Kids Leprechaun Costume is a great choice for St. Patrick’s Day. Get this child leprechaun costume for an affordable price for any holiday or Halloween.


Leprechaun LifeRemember when you were a kid and carefree enough to believe that magic could make your dreams and wishes come true? Had a bad day at school? It’s cool; you’ll just spend all afternoon trying to catch a leprechaun and that little Irish fairy will grant you three wishes with which you can change your whole life. Ah, childhood.Soon, your little one will be all grown up (sigh) and have to do taxes, sit at the DMV, and listen to an hour of mind-numbing elevator music while trying to file an insurance claim, just like the rest of us. Poor thing. So, why not really let ‘em live up that magical youthful bliss? In this Kids Leprechaun Costume, lil’ Junior can follow any rainbow to a pot of gold. Okay, we’ve already checked that out and there isn’t really a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be one someday! Encourage all the pretending your little one can muster by granting him his first wish: this classic folklore costume.Design & DetailsThis complete leprechaun costume comes with a (green) jacket, a (green) velvety vest, (green) pants, and a big (green) hat…do you sense a theme? But you’ll need to provide your own lucky charm. All of these items are designed and cut for authenticity and comfort! We can’t say that a real Leprechaun would wear them because we haven’t met any (that we know of…) but we think they would totally stock their closet with these things. They’re that good!Luck O the CostumeFor today, at least, let your little Leprechaun skip being super responsible and cleaning his room because now that he’s got this green getup, he’ll be seeing rainbows to chase everywhere he goes. Adventure awaits little dude, go forth and find your bliss! 

St. Patrick’s Day Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2082CH

Price: $39.99

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