Kids Clone Trooper Gloves

Finish off your kids clone trooper costume with these clone trooper gloves. The collectible accessories make a great finishing touch for your Halloween costume.


Is your little one always running into new and dynamic situations? Is she always shouting orders and trying to direct the household pets into precise military formations? Has she lately complained about the handle of her high energy blaster rifle being too slippery?Ok, so that last one may be a stretch, but still, it sounds like your little one has the skills that the Republic might just be looking for. And trust us, if she’s going to fly off to Coruscant or Kashyyk, she’s going to need these Kids Clone Trooper Gloves to go along with the rest of her standard uniform. With these, she’ll immediately fit in with the rest of the clone army, and she’ll have no problem keeping her hands clean, safe, and dry when she’s under duress from the Trade Federation’s attacks.Made of stretchy black material, and complete with a white foam armor pad on top, these gloves are perfect for your little trooper’s Star Wars adventures from the moment she puts them on.

Clone Wars Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU8600

Price: $10.99

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