Infant/Toddler Lil Pink Monster Costume

She’ll look scary and silly at the same time in this Lil Pink Monster costume for infants and toddlers.


So, the thing about conjuring up monsters to help around the office is that the conjuring is always just a little unpredictable. They’re quite well-behaved, especially after the Intervention. The problem is that we occasionally get a slime monster when we need to clean out the albatross pen or a 1950s Japanese radioactive monster for organizing the break room’s small stuff!This time around, we called up a few to help with customer service support and we got a whole mess of little giggle monsters. At first, we realized they had a rough time reaching the phones, but we solved that with booster seats. But their adorable giggling, while warm and inviting to our customers, isn’t exactly conducive to helping getting orders out!So, here is your chance to transform your kiddo into a Lil Pink Monster and share the giggles around your household! The process is really simple: a quick hop into a cute jumpsuit, a zip, and a Velcro strap and your babe or toddler becomes a little snuggle beast. Some sort of magic keeps it fitting well. We, here at the office, think it is like elastic straps, but the gigglers assure us it is magic. And, best news, if your little monster needs a change, Lil Pink Monsters come naturally with Lil Pink butt flaps! You might have called your sweet kiddo a little monster in the past, but turn that into giggles this season. (We’re not responsible for unexpected magical powers your tot may develop.)

Monster Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: IN6068

Price: $54.99

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