Halloween The Movie Butcher Knife

Your Michael Myers costume isn’t complete without an officially licensed Halloween The Movie Butcher Knife accessory. Make your horror movie character more believable!


Not just any old butcher knife will do. There are plenty you could grab right out of the kitchen drawer (or from the toy section at your local drugstore), but this Halloween, you’re not just any old monster. You’re Michael Myers… aka The Shape. The one who inspired a million movie slashers… and created an entire genre of horror movies. You want everything right, right down to the last detail. You’ve got the mask, the jumpsuit… and here’s that last detail: the officially licensed Halloween The Movie Butcher Knife!At 18 inches long, this fearsome toy blade will put all the other slashers at the Halloween party to shame. And though its foam construction makes the knife completely safe to handle, you’ll be the dread of Haddonfield, Illinois, when you creep around with it in your hands. So forget the imitators. This Halloween, be the Michael Myers with the Halloween The Movie Butcher Knife!

Michael Myers Costumes
Material: Foam Rubber
Item: TTUSH2103

Price: $14.99

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