Girls Princess Peppa Pig Costume

She’ll love dressing up as Princess Peppa from the Peppa Pig show in this girls costume.


Does your little girl love Peppa Pig? We get it, what’s not to love? We might argue the Peppa is one of the most charming cartoon pigs out there! She’s far from perfect, after all, she’s only four, she’s got a lot to learn. Her little mishaps and her arguments with her baby brother just make her more real for those of us that are living in the true, messy real world. There’s a high chance that your little one might have quite a few things in common with the energetic piggy. Does your little girl love to play dress up? So does Peppa! Can she sometimes get in arguments with her siblings and friends when she doesn’t get her way? Well, what do you know! So does Peppa and really, when you think about it, don’t we all? On occasion does she snort when she laughs? Well, that must be adorable! Does she love jumping up and down in mud puddles? Well, as long as she’s wearing her boots and she’s not wearing her adorable Princess Peppa Pig costume she might as well, it’s a great way to live life to the fullest! Whether you and your family are all dressing as characters from this beloved cartoon or it’s only your little girl who is dressing up in piggy splendor, you are sure to enjoy having this enthusiastic Peppa on your hands. In the bright pink dress, with hooped wings, and a crowned Peppa hat she’ll get to both be her favorite character and a princess. Who says you can’t have your mud pie and *oink* eat it too?

Peppa Pig Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: LI1603

Price: $44.99

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