Fydelity Big Thoughts Bubble Caption Case Bag

The Thought Bubbles Big Fydelity Caption Case Bag allows you to speak what’s on your mind. Great idea for photo booths!


Once you PopPop art is one of those movements that became cool as soon as it hit the scene. Out of that movement came huge paintings inspired by the dramatic comics of that time. Future forward artists took the dramatic scenes that the Sunday comics had been printing for years, blew them up to gigantic sizes, and changed people’s taste in art for good. And then someone took this process to the next step by dressing up as one of those iconic paintings. Genius! Art imitating art imitating art. And we’re having a great time while we’re at it! So don’t hold back this Halloween. If you’re doing that pop art style, pay homage to that simple comic heritage with this interactive speech bubble purse!Product DetailsChange the message on your bag in a matter of seconds! With storage for all the letters, there’s no need to leave any memos behind. And the best part? You can finally make your heart known to the world. Sure, you might no be wearing your heart on your sleeve but this is a logical alternative if you ask us! With an adjustable strap and zipping top, you’ll be happy you’ve got a place to keep your stuff while staying in characterWhat’s the WordNo need to keep your thoughts to yourself when this bag is on hand! Write stuff like, “Oh tacos, I love you too but. . . ” or “Great costume!” with the hook and loop backed letters. Whether you’re using this while costumed or while visiting a modern art museum, you’re sure to love being a part of this modern art style!

Material: Faux Leather
Item: SCT81102

Price: $22.99

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