Fun World Clown Makeup Kit

Get your scariest carnival face on this Halloween with the Clown Makeup Kit!


Paint the ClownIf you’re planning on being a clown for Halloween, you basically have a few options for announcing your clownhood. You can wear one of those “Hello, my name is _______” stickers beneath your huge bowtie. You can go around saying to everyone “I’m a clown!” and then laughing maniacally in their faces. Or you can step it up, do what’s right, and paint your face to look clownish.We bet you can guess which option we’re into, right? Because let’s face it, a clown without the makeup is just kind of a weird dude in a wig, right? Grab this Clown Makeup Kit and make it official. Because everyone knows the scariest part of a clown is the creepy, creepy face paint!Product DetailsThis set has everything you need to turn yourself into—in our humble opinion—the scariest creature possible this Halloween. It has plenty of white face paint, as well as black and red for accents. You also get a makeup pencil, sponge, and brush for easy use. All-In In fact, this compact makeup kit is so complete and simple, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to find it. But don’t beat yourself up; your brain space is being taken up by all those balloon animal patterns and plots to take over the human race. We’re glad to see you’ve finally found your way, and that you’re committed to the creepiness! 

Clown Costumes
Material: Cream Make-up
Item: FU5558CC

Price: $7.99

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