Fun World Black Nail Polish and Lipstick

Add some darkness to your costume with the Black Nail Polish and Lipstick.


TO GOTH OR POSHWhether you’re a vampire, witch, rocker, or recluse, there is one style that seems to fit the mold while also letting you really work those creative fingers.  Who knows where the look of the black night really took flight, but none can argue that it leaves a truly lasting impression! All you really need to decide is if you want to go with the gothic look of pale terror and dark art that drives folks into the dark ages of madness or if you’re looking to take a twist on a Victorian elegance and bring them back to the dark ages! PRODUCT DETAILSWith the high gloss look of this set of Black Nail Polish and Lipstick, you can be sure to give every moment that dark shine and leave folks wondering how deep that darkness runs.  Both the polish and lipstick has a nearly magical glossy finish that will leave your nails and lips shining.  The polish dries to a semisolid so you can peel it off easily or rip at it for a textured look.  GOTHY-GAUCHE Some might think that the black lip and nail look is a tad unkempt or ill-mannered, but you’ll be able to set them straight with just a grin and clack of your fingernails when this glossy goth look catches their eyes.  

Witch Costumes
Material: Cream Make-up
Item: FU9471K

Price: $4.99

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