Devil Knee High Socks

Complete your devilish look with these Devil Knee High Socks! These knee high socks are red and black will have you hot on your toes all night long!


SATANIC TOOTSIESThe devil’s been chilling on your shoulder for a while now. It’s been an alright place to hang out but it’s starting to get old, especially since his annoying neighbor is really getting on his nerves. (The devil’s not getting along with the angel who hovers on your other shoulder. Go figure.) Also, constantly staring at the same scenery, your left ear and surrounding strands of hair, doesn’t exactly excite Satan either which exactly why he’s decided to take up residence in a different location: your feet! The devil’s big move from shoulder to inner-shoe is represented by these knee-high socks for women. Commemorating one of the devil’s best ideas, the footwear could potentially make your feet feel more… sinister. (Just kidding! The pair of socks doesn’t have the power to make your feet turn toward the dark side; we put them to the test just for you.)   PRODUCT DETAILS The women’s devil knee high socks are made from a poly/spandex blend to ensure they’re stretchy, comfortable and soft. Red flames are featured on the bottom, contrasting against the black upper half. Small plush horns and a tail are attached to the socks, putting the final touches on your devilish feet.   DANCING WITH THE DEVILHere’s some advice: pair them with any devil costume to add a hint of fiendish flare to your look.      

Devil Costumes
Material: Polyblend

Price: $6.99

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