Combat Cutie Bullet Belt

Complete your fierce lady soldier costume with this pink Combat Cutie Bullet Belt accessory.


Combat accessoriesBattle time. Well, fun battle time, that is. You know that we’re not actually talking about doing any fighting here. We’re talking about fun camouflage costumes, and lots of Halloween fun. And when it comes to that, we’ve got you covered!Our selection of military costumes is top notch, and it doesn’t matter if you picture yourself in the army, marines, or even in special ops. We’ve got soldier costumes tailored specifically for ladies, and every style that will suit your fancy! Of course, when it comes to completing the soldier look, you’re going to want to go for some extra details to get your costume style right. And we’d like to suggest adding this Combat Cutie Bullet Belt.As a plastic bullet bandolier, it will add a signature touch to your otherwise already exceptional costume. A little extra never hurts when you want to get your costume just right! Plus, it features pink paint to add just the right amount of color to your look.Design and DetailsThis Combat Cutie Bullet Belt is a plastic prop accessory that works with any military costume. Sized for adults, this belt should fit most teens, too. It measures approximately 60 inches long, and features black bullets in a pink band.

Military Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: FO63106

Price: $6.99

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