Child Zombie Halloween Costume

This zombie has been out so long that it is starting to rot! This Child Zombie Halloween Costume is a scary costume for little kids.


Is your kiddo a fanatic when it comes to zombies? Who isn’t? The dead, up and walking around, hunting down the living… what’s cooler than that? We think your youngster has a great taste in horror! So we’d like to help him this Halloween with this Child Zombie Halloween Costume.Once your little one tosses on this five-piece costume, he will be transformed into a terrifying ghoul that no one will want to mess with. The decayed body parts that are sewn into the top and the pants of this costume have gruesome details. The mask holds a detailed expression of both anguish and anger. The zombified gloves ensure that the sight of living flesh doesn’t break this ghoulish illusion. Your kiddo will look like the tragic victim of a zombie breakout, but no one’s going to be crying for him. They will be too busy running in the opposite direction!We are sure your little one already has a pretty good idea on how to act like a member of the undead but just in case here’s a quick run through. He needs to walk as if he has two left feet, he must groan like he has a hunger that nothing can suffice, and he has to have terribly twitchy and aggressive arm movements. If he can master all three of these techniques, then there’s no doubt in our minds that he will be the scariest zombie stumbling around the block this Halloween.

Zombie Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FU8789

Price: $29.99

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