Bat Purse

Complete your vampire costume with this winged bat purse with bat printed silky red lining.


Flight of FancyHow do you become Dracula’s top assistant? For one, you’ve got to be comfortable with staying up all night. Secondly, you’ve got to enjoy cave-like digs like the abandoned castles vampires often use to house their broods. And finally, you’ve got to be super comfortable with the vampire diet. That’s why bats and vampires go hand in hand. Vampires are constantly being judged for drinking blood but since bats eat bugs, they’re not going to judge. They understand. You gotta eat! Bats absolutely love the fancy stonework of these ancient castles. There are so many places to hang out until Dracula has to send you off somewhere to peep on his potential victims. So make sure you’re prepared for your next vampire costume with this little bat pal that you can also use as a purse. Product Details & DesignOur Made-By-Us accessories are sure to add a unique and adorable twist to any vampire or devil costume. Our in-house designers gave the purse had a friendly bat face with large brown eyes. The soft body has faux leather wings as that match the ears and little feet. The interior has a soft maroon bat-patterned lining. Throw your belongings into the purse and you’ll be ready to head out in style. Hanging in thereIf you’re ready to head out into the world as a vampire, your bat purse will be there to help you out. Lucky for you, you can head out into the night completely prepared. Every vampire needs her assistant!

Vampire Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6659

Price: $6.99


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