Assassins Creed Ezio Classic Women’s Master Assassin Costume

Become one of the most iconic Assassins in this Assassins Creed Ezio Classic Women’s Costume. This costume features a feminine version of Ezio’s outfit from the game series.


Do you sometimes wish you could go back in time, see what it really was like before cars and electricity? Do you enjoy having important responsibilities? Would you like to see the world?You don’t have to get your masters at a fancy university to learn about history. You don’t have to work in an office for years to get that important job. And you don’t have to empty your bank account to explore the Florence cityscape. You can dive into the middle of the Italian Renaissance by finding someone to hook you up to that fancy virtual reality contraption they’re calling the Animus.If you’re a fan of Italy and you have a noble heart than we suggest venturing out as Ezio, the Florentine assassin. There are a couple risks associated with this new-fangled tech, of course, you’re not time traveling exactly but you can really change up history. You’ll be going after the bad, big fish of history like the Borgias but as you’re finding a way to sneak into the Sistine Chapel you’ll have to be careful to avoid accidentally cause a roof tile to drop on Christopher Columbus’s head. One thoughtless move and the American continent might not be discovered for another couple hundred years.In this smart Ezio Auditore da Firenze ensemble you certainly won’t be under-dressed for your Italian getaway. To blend in with the Italian soldiers you’ll wear a similar black, white, and red tunic. You’ll remain hidden in the night as you climb city walls in the silken black cloak. Hey, if you’re headed to the Italian Renaissance soon give Leonardo Da Vinci a hug for us and tell him us millennials are still a fan of that Lisa painting he is going to paint in a couple years.

Assassins Creed Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: LI5849

Price: $59.99

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