Assassins Creed: Connor Classic Teen Costume

This officially licensed Assassins Creed: Connor Classic Teen Costume will transform him into his favorite video game character.


What does an Assassin do if there aren’t any Templars around to pick fights with? When your teen adventurer is wearing this Connor Classic Costume, based on the outfit in Assassin’s Creed III, there’s no telling what kind of action he’ll get into! The characters in the Assassin’s Creed games use a combination of training and natural skill to pull off their incredible and often impossible-seeming missions. But, what if they just have to get something from the store? Do they still run through the woods, jumping from tree to tree while balancing grocery bags on their heads? Or, how do they do gardening? We imagine they can do some pretty fast pruning with their infamous wrist blades. Now that we think about it, it would probably be a really bad idea to invite an assassin to someone’s surprise party. Their reflexes might take over… Whatever an assassin may be up to, they always seem to be wearing their trademark hoods and white jackets (it’s kind of a huge giveaway, actually). While your warrior-in-training is dressed up in this outfit that’s designed after Connor’s uniform, they will have the perfect look for sneaking among the shadows and tracking through crowds. The lightweight white tunic looks like a jacket with attached belts and sashes, while the hood helps them stay incognito. Your teen will be ready for whatever mission he goes on, whether it’s fighting a company of fortress guards, or just sneaking to the fridge for late night snacks!

Assassins Creed Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: LI30092

Price: $29.99

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