Adult Peas Costume

This adult pea costume is a funny food costume idea for men or women. A great costume to be paired our carrot costume.


You know those odd Internet quizzes that attempt to define exactly what kind of personality you have and, then, connect it to something seemingly totally unrelated? Like how a question might ask you what sort of Chinese food you most enjoy in order to tell you which large body of water you’d be? Or asking what your favorite color is in order to dictate what age you’re going to meet your final mortal end? They’re always confusing. On one hand, it’s easy to dismiss them entirely as irrational connections. On the other hand…What if those little details do somehow matter? Our personalities are pretty complex, after all. Dreams can mean a variety of different subject matter that is just hiding in the back of our unconscious mind, periodically prodding us with paranoia. Does green mean we die soon? Is that a thing!? Or, really, it is more likely green means a long life. We’re supposed to eat lots of green veggies in order to stay health and strong and the whole world is filled with bright green life. Well, with that in mind…Ensure that you have a long life by presenting your greenest foot forward with this Adult Peas costume. Some might argue if these are fruits versus vegetables, but the green and delicious is the important part. This wrap around tunic is shaped like a giant pea pod and has three large peas to keep you company—your face emerging out of the fourth! So, next time you sit down to fill out an odd quiz, you are ahead of the game. If you need to know what vegetable (… or maybe fruit?) you’d be, that answer is clearly already determined!

Vegetable Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU880734

Price: $29.99

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