Adult Mountain Goat Costume

Roam the bluffs in this Adult Mountain Goat Costume! This costume is also available in child and toddler sizes so the entire family can herd together!


In Search of that Postcard PanoramaYou’ve gone to extremes to get a good view. When you were in Paris you got so friendly with the railing of the Eiffel Tower that you had to buy your traveling companion a bottle of rosé to calm her down. People know to brace themselves when it comes to you and the ledge. Whether it’s sniffing the air at the Grand Canyon or listening to the crashing waves at the White Cliffs of Dover, you’re simply drawn to the drama of heights. Your human family might not understand this compulsion but that doesn’t mean you’re alone! What you need are a couple of mountain goat buddies to commiserate with. They’ll give you all sorts of insider tips. They’ll tell you how to climb canyon walls and how to know when a rock is loose before you put your weight on it. And (here’s what most people don’t know about goats) they’re the best at taking panoramic selfies. If you want to fit in you’ll have to look the part. Become part of the mountain goat tribe with this shaggy Made-By-Us costume!Product Details & DesignThis costume is both super soft and realistically textured due to the extra care and detailing put in by our very own designers. Why does this jumpsuit stand out from the rest? Because it’s Made-By-Us. The sleeves and pant legs are accented with faux leather hooves at the cuffs. The jumpsuit has a shaggy tail on the back and comes with a goat sculpted hood. The hood has a shaggy beard, pink accented ears, and a sweet pink nose. The sweet beaded eyes are sewn into the face and healthy horns shoot out of the top of the hood.  Not at All SheepishThere’s no way anyone would assume you’re a sheep when you’re wearing this goat jumpsuit. You’ll look right at home in a dramatic mountain range, taking in the landscape. This will look awesome when paired with an Alpine Oktoberfest costume or mountaineering look. Go ahead and suit up, those gorgeous views are in the clasp of your hooves. 

Adult Animal Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN0338AD

Price: $59.99

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