Adult Koala Bear Costume

Choose an Adult Koala Bear Costume this Halloween. You’ll feel cuddly and warm in this adorable Koala suit.


Alter EgoThere are worse things in the world than being “clingy,”…at least, it’s true if you’re a koala! If you’re an adult human, being clingy is usually seen as a bad thing. But as a koala, clinginess means you are able to scale eucalyptus branches in search of the tastiest leaves, all while living your life in the treetops!And you’ve always felt a bit more “koala” than human, haven’t you? You’ve always felt a great affinity for trees and treehouses, for leafy greens, for letting your nails grow a tad too long (the better for climbing!). You’ve always favored the color gray and now that you’ve returned from your trip to Australia, where you got to interact with koalas in the wild, you’re positive that deep down, you’re koalaesque. It’s time you show the world your way-cool clinginess in this Koala Bear Costume for Adults. You can relay travel stories about your trip down unda—and look like everyone’s favorite “bear” while doing so (hint: Koalas are marsupials, not bears).Design & DetailsWould you look at how cool this costume is? You’ve seen actual koalas that don’t look this koala-like. That’s because this outfit is Made by Us in our very own studio, with the keenest attention to detail. You might say we were “clinging to authenticity!” Maybe. This exclusive look comes with a fleecy gray jumpsuit with a lighter patch on the belly, as well as an ear-topped hood. Mitts with claws and furry foot covers make sure the only human thing visible is your face—so draw on a dark koala nose and practice chewing slowly while looking kinda sleepy.Word to the WiseRemember, despite your great affinity for koalas, you are, in fact, a human. Consuming eucalyptus leaves can be poisonous, so stick to the party buffet and your cache of Halloween candy, instead! 

Koala Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6830AD

Price: $39.99

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