Adult Halloween Michael Myers Vacuform Mask

Michael Myers-a good Halloween costume, not a great role model


If you’re a self-described horror fan then you know of all the reasons to appreciate Michael Myers’s character. Sure, he doesn’t have an obsession with chainsaws or the ability to appear in people’s dreams but he conquers just about every slasher classic out there. No one could argue that good old Michael has maintained a bloody yet diverse resume throughout all of his many movies. We’re pretty sure that there’s not a job market for that, thank goodness.You probably have better social skills than this horror icon who’s been off the rails since he was six-years-old. Because of that you just might be heading to a costume party this October. Whether you enter through the front door or suddenly appear at the kitchen window, you’re sure to frighten all those Halloween revelers because, for the embodiment of evil, evil Mickey seems to be pretty uptight about anyone having a good time. Go in there, have a good time and if things get weird, do as Michael would do. No! Not that, disappear like he does at the end of the Halloween movies. Yeesh!

Michael Myers Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: TTTTUS127

Price: $12.99

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