Adult Green Crayon Costume

Your friends will turn green with envy when they see you dressed in this adult green crayon costume. The funny costume is a great idea for your next Halloween outfit.


In a world that is so filled with destruction and misery, we all need to try our best to remind everyone that it is also a world of creativity and construction. We build and generate beauty and can inspire us all to take those important moments to smell the roses, to chase the rainbow, to see the vivid colors of the world. It might sound like some overly optimistic blather, but everyone needs a muse… an agent of creativity!The thing is, generally speaking, the role of ancient muses are pretty well taken by a group of flying Greek goddesses and faerie folk and they aren’t very often lending their mighty powers to us mere mortals. We’ve got to look to the mortal world for elements that remind us of our childlike wonder and creative prowess. And is there anything that speaks that any louder than the perfect giant box of crayons? We look jealously at that epic 64-color box with the included sharpener… but did you know that they have 120 colors!? Oh, the nuanced shifts of colors from Mountain Meadow to Jungle Green!?Well, you can both relive that childlike glory while also inspiring the world to create instead of destroy when you stand in front of the masses in this Adult Green Crayon costume. You might not be the epic 64- or 120-count box, but who can argue with a giant crayon! Now, technically, this foam tunic and Crayola graphic and tipped hat all indicate that you are the common Crayola Green (crayon number 1CAC78), but you could easily make a claim that you’re any of the other 15 shades. We’ll vouch for you!

Crayon Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RA450104

Price: $34.99

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