Adult Deluxe Betty Rubble Costume

This adult deluxe Betty Rubble costume will give you a classic cartoon look at a great price. Pair this with a Barney or Wilma Flintstone costume for a couples look.


In the wholesome town of Bedrock, a prehistoric suburban paradise, there’s two couples who get along quite nicely. The Flintstones and the Rubbles are as close as two families could ever be. They live a much more cushioned life then we have imagined for our prehistoric ancestors. They have cars, although it would probably be harder to drive those cars then just walking. They have a cute little mastodon to do their vacuuming, a bird to play their Jurassic era records, and a crab to mow their lawn. Their life doesn’t seem too bad. Betty Rubble is a devoted housewife who always knows how to get the best out of her family. She’s a great mother to the handful, Bam-Bam. With a name like that you know child rearing wasn’t a walk in the Jurassic park. Betty Rubble and Wilma Flintstone are best friends, they do everything together, from child rearing to pre-modern volunteering. These cave-gals have got it together, now all they have to do is keep their husbands in line. For a cave-woman, Betty sure has a great sense of style. She wears a drop waisted blue dress with a black bone belt, modern ladies might have a hard time pulling this look off on a day to day basis. Her hair has a classy flip to it, almost as if she goes to the Bedrock Main Street Beauty Salon on a weekly basis. The bow on her head finishes her ensemble very nicely. Seeing how put together this cave-woman looks makes you wonder, if things were so great in prehistory why did we ever have to evolve?

Flintstone Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU16881

Price: $39.99

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