Adult Brown Pirate Gloves

These adult brown pirate gloves are a great accessory to your pirate or renaissance outfit!


Yawr! We hear you’re settin’ sail for t’ seven seas! Have ye ever had t’ work with deck riggin’ thar lad? You’re goin’ t’ need a fine set o’ gloves t’ make aye you can do your sailin’ duty. Ya see, t’ Captain doesn’t take kindly t’ scallywags who don’t pull their weight around t’ boat. If you’re not a top notch crewman, ye might just find yourself swimmin’ with Davy Jones instead o’ enjoyin’ all o’ t’ plunder. This pair o’ Adult Brown Pirate Gloves will help you work long hours on your ship! Add it t’ your authentic Pirate costume for t’ perfect touch. And t’ make sure that you’ll be gettin’ a fair share o’ gold!

Pirate Accessories
Material: Polyblend
Item: FUN0005AD

Price: $4.99

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