Adult American Horror Story Piggy Man Costume

Dress up as the bloody Piggy Man from American Horror Story in this adult costume.


If there’s one thing we ought to learn from all the seasons of American Horror story it’s do not put animal heads on people before you put them to death. They will come back to haunt you or your descendants. This little piggy didn’t go to market and doesn’t want roast beef. This little piggy came all the way home, to everyone’s horror and he wants vengeance. We wish we could call the gruesome ghost misunderstood. We wish he could say he’s simply a lost spirit that could find his way home if only we’d light some candles and help him find his way. Unfortunately, like many of the nefarious spirits in AHS series, this ghost is simply evil and if he isn’t stopped he’ll leave a wake of carnage in his path. It’s no excuse but he didn’t really leave the land of the living in a very peaceful manner. Now he’s bringing that pain back to our side of the veil, the only thing to do is get rid of that cursed house that he haunts once and for all. If you are looking for a dark character from the American Horror Story series then look no further. Whether Halloween revelers are aware of this particular character or not, people are sure to get the creeps when you walk into the party. One thing’s for sure, they’re going to regret the bacon cheeseburger they had before the party.

American Horror Story
Material: Polyester
Item: LI6505

Price: $49.99

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