Fun World Horror Makeup Value Kit

You’ll be a man (or woman) of multiple faces once you order this Horror Makeup Value Kit. Use it to create the most deadly of looks. All it takes is a steady hand and some practice.


Oh, the looks you’ll create once you’ve gotten this Value Horror Makeup Kit. It’s the perfect tool for the indecisive ghoul in you. From skeletons to vampires, this kit has it all, provided you don’t slather all the makeup in one go! Makeup for the whole family. Daddy wants to be a zombie. Mommy wants to be a witch. Brother wants to be a scary clown. Sister wants to be a not-so-scary kitty. There’s a color, an application, or an effect for everyone in this Value Horror Makeup Kit. It has everything you need for scar effects, dripping and dried blood, tooth alterations (key for so many monsters), and anything else horrific you can think of. This is one step short of a serum that will actually turn you into a monster. The main difference is it doesn’t grant you any deadly powers, and washes off with soap and warm water.

Scary Accessories
Material: Latex
Item: FU9543H

Price: $6.99

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Gold Flapper Headband

If you want to look extra fabulous in your flapper costume, then you should give this Gold Flapper Headband a try! It’s a great look that goes with many of our Roaring 20s costumes!


If the Flappers are remembered for anything, it’s that they really knew how to accessorize. They took the inspiration they had for a simple and elegant yet fun and exciting dress and put it to work with their entire outfit. Instead of putting a whole bunch of flowers or feathers in their hair they instead would settle for just one or two of each of those and make sure it was as shiny or dark as it gets. The extreme differences in color were sure to stand out in the world of flashing lights and boisterous jazz music. Now you can embody the definition of 1920s high times fashion with this beautiful gold headband. It’s sure to turn quite a few heads and dazzle the entire room when this baby shines in the light or twinkles as you jive around the room. Don’t forget to grab your favorite feathery boa and a pearl necklace on your way out.

Flapper Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN0100AD

Price: $2.99

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Silver Glitter Boots

Adding the finishing touches to your Kiss, disco or tin girl costume has never been easier. With a pair of Silver Glitter Boots you’ll no longer have to worry about what’s on your feet.


If you want to be the glitziest gal in the party scene this year then you need to have the flashiest accessories. These Silver Glitter Boots are the perfect example of what you need. They will look perfect if you plan on catching a bad case of Disco Fever this Halloween. You could also slip these shiny boots on with a futuristic go-go girl outfit. If you plan on being a superstar in the world of glam rock, these high heels are a must have.Those are just a few costume ideas that these Silver Glitter boots will kick up to the next level. We know you can think of even more! But you could also just add these to a fun outfit you plan on wearing for a night out on the town. They will make you sparkle out on the dance floor. Grab your own pair today and get your shine on!

Disco Costumes
Material: Vinyl

Price: $44.99

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Black Sequin Cuff Disco Pants

Shake your groove thing in these Black Sequin Cuff Disco Pants. These mens pants make a great 1970s or Elton John costume idea.


Sequins! What makes a costume shine better than sequins? Don’t answer that, because there is no answer. Sequins are the answer. Sequins are life! Whoever invented the sequin (probably Elton John, because Elton John is a genius. Don’t bother finding out if it really was Elton John or not, just go with us on this one), they truly saved fashion. And how simple! Take a handful of little plastic disks (well, let’s be honest, if you really want to do it right you need a bucketful), tie them to a piece of fabric and viola! Not just “oh hey, there’s some plastic on your pants” but “Oh wow! What majestic beauty! How did you do that?” Basically, sequins shimmer like distant stars. They can draw out a person’s secrets. They’re hypnotizing and magical…Sorry, we got a little caught up in things there. But you need these pants. Think of any famous singer you’ve ever heard of. What do they all have in common? Great voices? Sure. Catchy songs? Maybe. But what they really have in common? You already know the answer: sequins. Because being a singer isn’t about how well you sing or what you sing (Okay, it’s mostly about those things), but it’s also about catching the eyes of your audience! And nothing will draw the eye like these magical pants. Maybe you’re not ready for that. Maybe you can’t stand people falling all over themselves trying to talk to you. If you can’t handle it, don’t get these pants. You’re not ready for that kind of power. But if you are ready… the world is yours!

Disco Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FY782141

Price: $29.99

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Men’s Plus Size 70’s Vest Costume

Boogie all night long in this men’s Plus Size 70’s Vest Costume! Available in 2X and 3X.


Hey there, stud. Do you got what it takes to boogie oogie oogie on to the dance floor with some moves so dangerous, they ought to be illegal? Does your hustle bring the house down? Does the disco ball keep on turnin’ just for you? Then you’re the straight up sultan of the ’70s and you’re going to need an outfit that lets you take your rightful place as ruler of all things disco. This men’s costume just so happens to be that costume.Based on the outfits worn by the dancing gods of the ’70s, this men’s vest costume comes with enough retro swag to put you into swag overdrive mode. The plaid print top may be the greatest achievement of the ’70s and the matching bell bottoms are to die for. Of course, the undershirt is a paisley print that has enough flair to make you feel like doing the bump. It also has a deep v-neck, because you’re a man, gosh darn it, and you need to flaunt those manly pecs, complete with a ferocious mane of masculine chest hair. It’s the kind of ensemble that tells the world that you’re clearly the type of disco stud who has dance moves for days.As the king of disco, you’re going to have some big shoes to fill, so you’d better get yourself a pair of platform shoes, along with a sweet afro, to compliment your new look as undisputed master of ’70s fashion.

Disco Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2266PL

Price: $49.99

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Women’s Plus Size Disco Doll Costume

This Women’s Plus Size Disco Doll Costume will really move with you and look great while dancing! Shimmer and shine and all things beautiful. Available in 1X/2X and 3X/4X.


70’S SENSATION Today, all the kids are listening to mumble rappers and toting fidget spinners on their fingers. The world is a completely different place than it was back in the 1970’s. Back then, people were making rocks into pets and using color-changing rings to decode their mood. Now, people purchase exotic pets over the internet. Also, using the internet to decipher illnesses is another completely acceptable activity in our society. (Basically, the world wide web runs every aspect of our lives now.)Even though many aspects of life have dramatically changed since the 70’s, some fundamental elements have stayed similar for the most part. For example, the fashion sense isn’t too far off from the way it was during the swinging 1970’s. Sequins and sparkled were all the rage and guess what? They still are. Back then, fashion was all about flares and belled bottoms. Just recently, the trend has come back in style which is why the women’s plus size disco doll costume is such a prime choice. The dress captures the essence of the era but it’s also considered modern and high-fashion too, making it a great decade-themed costume choice.PRODUCT DETAILS You’ll be dripping in a luxurious gold sheen that can’t be ignored. The V-neck dress fastens around the body with a functional back zipper. It features a stylish mock-wrap silhouette that looks very flattering on plus size body types. The long sleeves have flares on the ends and cut-outs on each shoulder, giving the dress a sassy edge. Finally, an attached belt with a plastic side buckle completes the snazzy disco doll costume.GOLDEN GIRL  You’ll be a radiant disco queen where ever you’re hustling to as long as you pick up some key accessories. Pair this costume with gold heels and an afro wig to be the ultimate dancing queen.            

Disco Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: LE86780X

Price: $39.99

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Plus Size Flower Child Costume

This Plus Size Flower Child Costume is an exclusive 1960s theme hippie costume for women.


All we are saying is give peace a chance. – John LennonWe really think John Lennon was on to something when he wrote those words. Wouldn’t the world be a splendid place if everyone on it just learned how to get along? That’s the philosophy the hippies choose to believe and we have to admit that we kind of agree with them. No more wars and no more senseless fighting would make for a great world to live in!If you happen to agree with us too then maybe the hippie lifestyle would be perfect for you. You’d spend a lot of time organizing peaceful protests and making signs that will help get your point across while you’re out being a true community activist. They also attend festivals, when they aren’t trying to promote change, and that’s where they have all their fun. Peaceful fun, of course!If you think the hippie lifestyle is the right one for you, we urge you to become a flower child like the ones from the 1960’s. This flower child costume for plus size ladies is everything you need to make the big lifestyle change. In true retro fashion, this white dress has large bell sleeves and a lace pattern at the bottom. The long brown fringed vest is fun to dance in while you’re celebrating at a festival with your hippie friends. The daisy headband is the perfect finishing touch on this blast from the past costume. Just throw up your peace signs and get out their and advertise peace, love, and happiness!

Hippie Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6104PL

Price: $49.99

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Men’s 80s Highlight Wig

It wouldn’t be the 80s if you weren’t rocking some long and out of control hair. Thanks to this highlight wig, you won’t have to dedicate months growing out your hair just to pull off the 80s look.


So, what are you going as for your next costumed event? Oh, a villainous ski bum from an eighties movie! Hmm, what an interesting idea! You’d better have your wicked eighties insult list ready. Don’t have any good ones? Don’t have a cow. Just look eighties slang on the internet, like we did. Hey, the world wide web wasn’t invented in the eighties but now it’s “totally tubular.”  Whether you’re going as that John Hughes movie heart throb or an over the top, neon wearing eighties villain, having the right hair do is super important. This classic style will fit whatever character you choose. The long brown locks will look right at home as you’re lifting that boom box over your head to serenade your ex-girlfriend. The blond highlights will be memorable as you’re making your debut on a parade float in Chicago. Whatever you do make sure you do this hair justice and go all out. Remember, it’s the eighties so party hearty, dude!

Material: Faux Hair
Item: FUN0290AD

Price: $12.99

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Child Pink and Purple Tutu

Classic ballerinas are boring. The black leotard and pink tights? Please, it’s Halloween! Give your little dancer something to really twirl about in this Child Pink and Purple Tutu.


We’ve met lots of people out there who love pink but there are also a bunch of cool people who love purple. A few of them argue over which one is better all the time but most of us here agree that neither of them are necessarily better than the others because they’re both fantastic! This got us to thinking, what if we combined the two into one awesome accessory? It would have to be one awesome article of clothing to fit that much fun in though… That’s when we turned to the fantastic world of tutus. These things are ready for anything from dancing to wearing underneath a costume dress to give it a little extra flair and color. We knew we couldn’t go wrong with the colors or the style and we were totally right. If you can’t tell we’re a little proud of this one but we think you’ll agree with us.

Item: UN26073

Price: $8.99

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Women’s Push It Pop Star Costume

Bring back the 80’s hip hop music by becoming a musical icon with this Women’s Push It Pop Star Costume.


Oldie But a GoodieIs there anything better than going back to the classic rap anthems of the early nineties. Most likely you’re not listening to a mixed tape labeled “Off the heasy mix” in highlighter bubble letters. You’re probably hunting down your favorites on the world wide web. That still doesn’t change the way you feel when the first chords of that song from your childhood start beating from your speakers. These songs instantly boost your confidence. They make you want to throw on a pair of sunglasses, roll down your window, and sing the lyrics at whoever is next to you at a red stoplight. And who knows, that grandma in the Subaru next to you might be able to rap the rest of the lyrics better than you. Because lady-led rap groups of the early nineties were for everyone! So if you want to celebrate a time when people walked around with boom boxes on their shoulders and traded mixtapes, this Push It Popstar costume is for you!Product DetailsYou’ll look stylin’ for the paparazzi in this unitard, jacket, and gold chain. It’s easy to slip into character with a zipper up the back. The jacket has a center zipper with an elastic waistband that celebrates that nineties cut. The jacket proudly proclaims “Mix Maker” to celebrate the secret DJ skills you know are marinating in there somewhere. So slip on some hoop earrings and throw on that “oldies but goodies” playlist cause it’s time to get back in touch with your nineties rap roots. Ohh Baby-Baby!Are you ready to get together with a group of friends to make timeless rap anthems? Maybe not, maybe you just want to reenact those music video moves that you watched on MTV while eating cereal on Saturday mornings. So don’t hold back. Get in touch with your bad self with this rad Push It costume!

80’s Music Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: FUN6258AD

Price: $69.99

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