Hot Pink Leg Warmers

Keep your legs warm just like they did in the 80s with these hot pink leg warmers. They’re a great accessory to have for any 80s costume this Halloween.


Are you tired of wearing pants? Do you ever feel constricted by socks that cover your whole foot? Do you have ankles that get colder than the rest of your body? Do you ever catch yourself thinking, “Man, if only I took take these shirt sleeves and wear them on my calves!” If so, then friend, get ready, because these Hot Pink Leg Warmers are for you!Made of an acrylic/spandex blend, these leg warmers stretch for a comfortable fit, but won’t stretch out – they also have elastic on the ends to hold them in place, which is especially handy when you’re Flashdancing all over your warehouse loft. The hot pink color is perfect for any and all TV dance contests, neon-colored dance clubs, ballet auditions with a twist, hard-won town-sanctioned proms, low-impact aerobics videos, or even just strutting down the hallway of a competitive performing arts high school. So the next time you say, “Hey, pants? No thanks!”, just slip these babies around your ankles, contemplate changing your name to Heather, and get ready for the warmest – and yet coolest – legs of your life!

Material: Acrylic
Item: SM32757

Price: $5.99

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Child Pink Footless-Tights

What costume will you use the Child Pink Footless Tights to create? So many options!


Give Playtime a Leg UpSo, you think you’ve got your costume all picked out, eh? How exciting! In our opinion costumes make everything more fun. It’s hard to find a kid who’s not a costume enthusiast out there. After all, having an assortment of different mix and match costumes in the closet makes playtime options limitless. Who says there can’t be a banana bank robber or a pretty pirate princess? That’s up to your child’s imagination! This being said, it won’t hurt to round up your child’s costume collection with a few basics like these colorful leggings. Product DetailsIn a spandex and nylon blend, these tights have plenty of stretch making them playtime as well as trick-or-treat ready. The bright pink goes perfectly with a variety of costumes, letting your kid wear them again and again!Cast of CharactersWhat characters can you think of when you look at this bright pink? We can see a stunning unicorn, a garden fairy, a juicy piece of watermelon, even a sweet little piglet. And that’s just at first glance! Discover a cast of characters when you add these tights to your inventive kid’s collection. The options are endless!

Material: Nylon
Item: AM395705103

Price: $7.99

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Women’s USA Flag Tank Top Swim Suit Cover Up

Represent your American pride poolside when you get this Women’s USA Flag Tank Top Cover Up. You can wear it as a swimsuit cover-up or as a cute summer tank dress!


Show off the USAThere’s a not so subtle mantra we like to employ, oh, right around the 4th of July. If you love the stars and stripes, you know, the USA, you better show it off! Of course, most folks feel that way around the Fourth but upon further reflection, we don’t think the feeling should be constrained to the first week in July. That’s right, when you reside in America, you should always be ready to show off the USA! Naturally, the best way to do that is with some premium apparel. So, that’s why we’ve got this Women’s USA Flag Cover-Up Tank Top ready for you!product DetailsA stylish star spangled selection, this USA Flag Tank Top is made with 90% cotton and 10% spandex for the right fit and just the right amount of stretch. A flag pattern is printed in the front, and it’s cut in an extra-long cover-up style that hits at the upper thigh.Costume inspirationThis tank top might work as a component of an America themed costume, or you could just wear it to pay respect to the USA. We’re all about costumes at Halloween, but we think other major holidays can always use a little extra fun as well. So any time you can work in some costume fun is alright by us!

4th of July Costumes
Material: Cottonblend

Price: $12.99

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Plus Size Authentic Gene Simmons KISS Costume

This Plus Size Authentic Gene Simmons KISS Costume is as realistic and detailed as they come! Available in 2X.


An ocean of fans surrounds the stage. You can hear them roaring as you walk onto the stage. They cry out your name as you pick up your bass guitar. They beg you to play Detroit Rock City. Your fingers pluck the strings and the crowd erupts in a wave of excitement…that’s just a normal day in the life of Gene Simmons, “The Demon” and front man of KISS. With our exclusive Gene Simmons costume, you too can have a taste of what it’s like to be the rock and roll legend.This plus size Authentic Gene Simmons costume spares no detail when recreating the classic look of the KISS leading man. The jet black bodysuit stretches to fit, since it’s made of a spandex and polyester blend that will hug your body in true rock and roll fashion. Rows of metal studs and faux leather pieces create the iconic stage look. The included vest has attached demon wings, which also feature matching metal studs. Each sleeve has metallic foam-stuffed fabric spikes. The front and back codpieces also have metal studs and fits with velcro. Matching gloves and choker finish the look for a highly detailed and authentic recreation of the outfit worn by Gene Simmons on stage.So, pick up your bass guitar, get out your makeup and get the bad together. This costume will have you ready to live out your fantasy of being the one and only rock god, Gene Simmons, since you’ll be completely indistinguishable from the real thing.

80’s Music Costumes
Material: Faux Leather
Item: KIS7201PL

Price: $349.99

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Plus Size Women’s Push it Pop Star Costume

You will be seasoning all kinds of Halloween parties when you show up in this Women’s Push It Pop Star plus size costume. This costume features a black unitard and track jacket. Available in 1X and 2X.


Rap for the people by the peopleOhh, baby baby! Remember rap back in the early nineties? The music genre was brand spanking new. The songs were always framed with smooth dialogue and a little bit of light-hearted storyline. The music videos were filled with confident attitudes, plaid, and stone-washed jean jackets. Videos were key, teens would set aside time to catch the newest music video on programmed television. It’s hard to imagine doing that in this convenient time of youtube when any song we can think of is right at our fingertips. At first, rap was only for men who saw themselves as tough guys. Women didn’t really have a public place of the pie. Then, ladies got wise and realized if they stuck together and flaunted their skills, the people would listen. After all, rap isn’t just for men. Rap is for everyone. Fun Details and DesignOur designers were influenced by the top rap girl groups of the nineties when they put together this ensemble. The unitard is layered under a lightweight jacket that proudly states, “Mix maker”. You’ll look like you’re ready for your MTV debut in the brushed gold-colored chain and the stretchy unitard. What’s a nineties costume without plenty of spandex?Whatta mighty good costumeWhen you’re dressed your Push It superstar costume you’ll push limits and make instant memories. Get together with two of your girls and people will instantly get transported to a time when people worried about getting batteries for their boomboxes and taping the newest music video on TV. And hey, in the meantime go ahead and add some of these songs to your modern day playlist. Cause these hits were hits for a reason. We might have left the mixtapes and battery operated boomboxes in the distant past that doesn’t mean we should leave nineties rap in the past. Seems to us the beats are still pretty fresh!

Material: Polyblend
Item: FUN6258PL

Price: $54.99

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Orange 80’s Shudder Shades

Accessorize for the 80’s with the Orange 80’s Shudder Shades.


The 80s CalledThey said you look totally radical.Okay, so maybe an entire decade can’t really make any phone calls to the future, but the 80s definitely were a special time. It was the age of teased up hair, bright neon colors, and cassette tapes. It was the age of New Wave, Hair Metal, and colorful antics. It was the age of spectacle, which we somehow lost in the angsty age of the 1990s. Well, we’re on a crusade to bring that sort of audacious style back… one pair of shades at a time.Product DetailsThese bright orange shades are simple plastic frames. They don’t feature lenses, but they do have a shutter style front, which is much better than silly clear lenses. They’re intended for ages 3 and older, and are one size fits most. Just pair it up with your shoulder pads, your neon scrunchie, and maybe some spandex to really help the 80s get the comeback it deserves!Back in StyleWhen you pay homage to the 80s, you indulge in the greatest decade of them all! Make sure to dig out your favorite cassette tapes (we suggest Thriller) and toss on your Members Only Jacket.

Material: Plastic
Item: FO62944

Price: $4.99

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Authentic Paul Stanley Costume

You’ll be the star of the show in this Authentic Paul Stanley Costume. Bring Starchild’s present back to the stage (or any costume party) with this licensed KISS costume.


Many kids dream of growing up to be rockstars. While few of them ever make that dream a reality, it’s still fun to fantasize about even in adulthood.You won’t have to be good at guitar to win over the ladies. All you need is a good costume and a little bit of rock ‘n roll attitude. (But knowing how to play an instrument could always help improve your chances). While we can’t help with the musical abilities part, we can get you a pretty sweet costume fit for a rockstar. Hit the stage as KISS frontman in this Authentic Paul Stanley Costume. This costume is perfect for a concert, Halloween, or for displaying your superfan status!This authentic, officially licensed Paul Stanley costume comes with everything you need to create his signature stage style. The costume is a nylon/spandex blend, so you know it’s comfortable enough for all night wear. The costume body is made up of two parts, a black tank shirt and a pair of matching pants. The shirt has an elastic waist so that it stays in place even during your rockstar moves and the pants also have an elastic waist for a comfortable fit. Velcro attachments secure the shirt to the pants so you can move freely without baring your belly. The studded choker necklace attaches with Velcro in the back, with some adjustment available to fit your neck properly. The pants have loops for the belt, which is not included with the costume. Be sure to add the finishing details by adding a wig, belt, makeup, and, of course, his signature boots!

80’s Music Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: KIS7202

Price: $99.99

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Toddler Black Gloves

This is a pair of black elbow-length gloves for toddlers that you can pair up with many of our costumes!


What does every budding star of the stage and screen need to complete their outfit before they walk down the red carpet? That might seem like a trick question, since most people think it takes a bunch of things to make a starlet shine. But we’ve got a little secret: they get their hotsy-totsy fashion from those glamorous gloves they wear!Luckily, we’ve made these elegantly exclusive Toddler Black Gloves to go with your little one’s fancy costume, so she’ll have that secret special style to make her outfit really stand out! We make these elbow length gloves using smooth satin material, so they give her look a glamorous shimmer, and the bold black color goes with any color outfit. They are the perfect accessories for her fun flapper getup, or for looking like a celebrity from Hollywood’s Golden Age!

Flapper Costumes
Material: spandex
Item: FUN1301BKTD

Price: $6.99

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Plus Size Black Hot Pants

Go from zero to sexy in a pair Plus Size Black Hot Pants. It’s the most affordable way to accessorize your costume.


Once upon a time there was a lady who just needed some skivvies for under her bumblebee costume. She discovered a whole treasure trove of what to wear her Plus Size Black Hot Pants with. She started wearing them with dresses, as a second set of panties, on her head, and sometimes even placed them on her cat. Well, she put them on the cat’s head because it’s funny.You might not be looking for a cat accessory, so it’s a good thing that the Plus Size Black Hot Pants are something different. Wear these boy shorts when you need a little extra coverage. The shorts are 83 percent polyester, and 17 percent spandex blend. Pair them with any skirt or Halloween costume for added style.

Material: Polyester
Item: FUN8199BK

Price: $6.99

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Women’s 80’s Workout Girl Costume

Work it out girl! You can be an 80s superstar when you get physical, as long as you have this sweet Workout Girl costume!


Physical fitness has always been an intensive industry. There are countless products aimed at ensuring that we’re in the right stance, lifting the right weight, eating the right balanced foods, sleeping the proper number of hours and in the right positions. Ugh. Who can keep track of all of that? Sure, we now have countless apps for our Smartphones, some of them even wearable on our wrists or clothes, all designed to tell us how well we’re doing and, in most of our cases, how much more we need to keep doing to catch up to that extra slice of pie we’re planning on for next month… but there is something critical that has been missing in our fitness routine for far too long.What about the fashion!? Everything looks the same, these days. Black, sleek, and boring. It is all about getting in and out as quickly as possible and, apparently, never being seen! What have we become: ninjas of the elliptical? What about the workout routines that inspired us to get up and moving in the first place? What about the color? What about… the ‘80s!? What is the point of getting in shape if the only thing that awaits us is a long life of dull black and running in place?Thankfully, you are here to give us that splash of color and energy and we have just what you need to make it happen: the Women’s ‘80s Workout Girl getup! The base of the outfit is a polyester/spandex blend stretch knit bodysuit with printed stripe design and matching leggings with a comfortable elastic waistband. The colors are to die for so you may not even need to worry about that old no pain, no gain adage! And, no ‘80s look would be complete without a cotton pullover crop top sweatshirt! Once you’re ready in this outfit, you can consider flaring out your hair in feathered ‘80s style and picking up matching (or not-matching) legwarmers and you will be ready to get physical!.

80’s Workout Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN2260AD

Price: $44.99

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