Girls Pirate Princess Costume

The high seas just got a little cuter when your little one sets sail in this Girls Pirate Princess Costume. This is perfect for your young swashbuckler!


It tends to surprise outsiders just how many rules there are in pirate society. The assumption is that the allure of the open sea and promise of untold riches has called many a young lad and adventurous lass to the Seven Seas where they steal their way onto ships and take whatever they want! Do not be fooled: after all the looting is done and the relaxation is about to begin, they have to return to the secret pirate lair to tell their tales and tithe to the Pirate King!A formidable being who rules over all the pirates of every sea and every depth, the Pirate King has total command over every scalawag and barnbuscle that’s ever put boot to deck. The King cannot be beat when it comes to games of chance, quality of loot, or even in mug-by-mug contests of hot chocolate gulping! “… Wait. Hot… chocolate?” you are no doubt wondering. Indeed! The Pirate King is merely a title taken by whosoever manages to defeat the standing King! And, currently, well… perhaps you should just get to know her a bit better yourself…Introduce yourself to the ruler of the pirates with this Girl’s Pirate Princess costume. This dress is styled as a frock coat over a layered skirt and features the new color of pirate flags, everywhere: pink. Nobody argues with the Pirate King, especially when she’s a precocious princess who can hold her hot cocoa like nobody else! And, when that fails, who can argue with the fantastic black foam bicorn hat with lace edging and wide feather anchored by faux gemstone? Now that is a captain’s hat to be respected! Still, mutiny is possible even on an island, so maybe it is best to pick up a cutlass or two… just in case.

Child Pirate Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU886624

Price: $39.99

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Child Courageous Forest Princess Costume

Get ready to run through forests with your bow and arrow in this Child Courageous Forest Princess Costume! And yes, also save the day, of course.


Be courageous, and fight dragons.There is no telling what a princess might find when she wanders in the Scottish woods. Will there be tree sprites? Looking to play tricks on the little princess. If she turns over a rock will she find the fairies that live beneath it? Will she freeze if she runs into Beira, the Queen of Winter? She doesn’t know how to “let it go”, like some other ice queens.Your daughter would jump at the chance to meet magical beings in the forest. She is always telling you how she would like to meet a fairy. How she would be nice to any mystical beings she ran across. She gobbles up the adventurous stories that her Uncle Angus tells her of the Scottish Isles.Let your little girl become a fearless Scottish princess with this Child Courageous Forest Princess Costume. She will be singing the songs of the tree sprites in no time. And acting out the stories Uncle Angus tells her of the dragons that live in the Highlands, only she doesn’t need a prince to save her like the princesses in those stories. No, she will save herself with her fighting skills. She won’t be the kind of princess that gets tricked by tree sprites, or captured by Beira, the Queen of Winter. She will play with the fairies that live under rocks, and have heroic adventures.

Renaissance Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: PR4118CH

Price: $19.99

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Native American Princess Girl Costume

Let your child lead their tribe with wisdom and pride when you put them in this Native American Princess Girl Costume.


Product DetailsWe all know that our little girls are truly our princesses even though we may not want them to know that! But princesses come in all shapes, sizes, and eras, and it’s not just those in beautiful ball gowns who should be getting our daughter’s attention.This costume is inspired by Native American clothing from hundreds of years ago and modernized for children today. The costume includes a 100% polyester dress that has an asymmetrical top with one side that has fringe trim and the other side ties at the shoulder. The middle and neckline of the dress have a decorative pattern for added detail and the sides of the dress lace-up with brown cord. Decorative fringe hangs from the front and back of the skirt of the dress and an elastic fringe armband and boot covers complete the look!

Pocahontas Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CA00426

Price: $29.99

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Girls Princess Sea Pirate Costume

Your little girl will take to the high seas in style in this Girls Princess Sea Pirate Costume. This is great for a swashbuckler themed party!


Parents get to play with the coolest toys of all. Of course, we’re talking about our phones. They’re basically toys for working adults and we love to waste time on them. But if you look back on the greatest time in your life you probably weren’t tapping a bunch of apps on a tiny, magical (and expensive) tablet. No, you were a kid without a care in the world, running around in the back yard pretending you were the greatest pirate who ever lived. No in-app purchases on the horizon…. just adventure, daring, and a whole lot of glittering loot!Remember when you did this? We do. In fact, we sort of made our living out of it. Imagination takes all of us wherever we want to go. Our own creativity is the limit, and we can tell you that everyone’s creativity, when explored, is humongous. Gargantuan! We love encouraging kids and parents both to come up with swashbuckling stories of heroism, mystery, intrigue, and tons of carefully choreographed (toy) sword play.Yes, Halloween is one of the best times to encourage your child to dress up and explore their world with imagination. For instance, check out this awesome Sea Pirate costume for girls. She will be ready to relieve the neighbors of their delicious candy, and when she is all hopped up on candy for the next few days you can both build pirate ships out of those building bricks that shall not be named, and conduct (toy) sword fights on the brig of her trusty ship AKA as the couch in the living room. Finally, when you are both tuckered out from a days of playing together you can relax on the couch. She’ll be watching old pirate movies on TV, and you’ll be watching the wonderful memories from that day playing in your head once more as you enjoy a much deserved nap.

Child Pirate Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU884563

Price: $29.99

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Prehistoric Brown Princess Wig

Even prehistoric women cared how their hair looked–so be sure you’ll never have a bad hair day when you wear this Prehistoric Brown Princess Wig!


A while back our designers stepped into the company time machine to see what the social elites were wearing in the Neolithic period. Many dangers were faced and lessons were learned. Our lead designer was almost trampled by a mammoth before making a lasso, jumping on it’s back, and riding into the sunset. We actually never heard from her again. We aren’t too worried though, scientists recently uncovered a cave painting with a remarkable resemblance. After months of traveling the land and seeking the most fashionable Neanderthals, our design team were introduced to the Oggs. The Oggs were a well respected family. They had the nicest cave around, with a great view of the tar pits. The Oggs daughter, Ona Ogg, who had the most fashion forward sense of style the designers had ever encountered in both prehistoric and modern era. She rocked a haute couture sabretooth skin dress. She completed the outfit with a daring claw and tooth necklace. She was all together fashionable, but her hair is what the designers come back raving about. It was neatly coiffed with a small dinosaur bone acting as a prehistoric tiara. It was a simple, yet elegant arrangement. We knew we had our look, our journey had been worth it. All but one of our designers have returned. After much research, trial, and error we have finally re-created Ona Ogg’s foxy hairdo. Although we could not find a reliable source for dinosaur bones we have molded a realistic copy with modern plastic, so it looks just like Ona’s revolutionary style. We are so proud to present the Prehistoric Princess wig so you, our dear customer, can look like a prehistoric prima donna in no time!

Caveman Costumes
Material: Faux Hair
Item: FO66276

Price: $14.99

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Child Native American Princess Costume

This Child Native American Princess Costume is styled to look like historical Native American garments. Great for a historic-themed party!


Product DetailsTransform your tyke with this Child Native American-inspired costume. It is made to resemble clothing worn hundreds of years ago. This sleeveless pullover dress has self-ties for size adjustment and a faux suede poncho style cape lined with fringe and brocade ribbon. Your kiddo’s hair can be decorated with felt barrettes that are decorated with feathers on top of a metal hair clip. Be sure to look for other accessories to create your chosen style from head to toe.

Child Native American Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CA00309

Price: $29.99

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Women’s Princess Leia Costume

Become Star Wars royalty in this deluxe Princess Leia costume. It’s officially licensed from Lucasfilm.


Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope. When a Princess like Leia has to ask for help, you know that the need is absolutely dire. Aboard the Rebel blockade runner she was in charge of protecting the secret plans to the death star and deliver them to the rebel base on Yavin IV (Or was it Dantooine?). But when the Imperial forces capture the ship she knows that it is up to her to give the plans to R2-D2 to take to Obi-Wan Kenobi. She takes care of that and even fights off capture. This gorgeous princess from peaceful Alderaan is strong enough to endure being locked up on the death star, tortured, and watching her home planet be destroyed entirely without giving up any information. The Skywalker boys should be taking notes on how to be more like this lady. Show your inner power lady with this Women’s Princess Leia Costume. With this costumevyou’ll feel like you could stand up to Vader dodge stormtrooper blaster bolts and lead an entire army of rebel soldiers while still keeping your hair in a fantastic double bun (or whatever other styles you choose in the later episodes). This costume works great for a couple (Han and Leia) trio (Han, Leia, and Luke) or really as many people as you want (it’s Star Wars so there are plenty of awesome characters). Be sure to keep your group in line and make sure they know that you’re the one in charge and they’re nothing but a bunch of “half-witted scruffy-looking nerf herders!”

Princess Leia Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU56113

Price: $44.99

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Girls Silver Glitter Go-Go Boots

These Girls Silver Glitter Go-Go Boots are perfect to finish a girls’ Tin Man costume or any sparkly disco or pop star outfit!


You know the old song about a pair of boots that are made for walking? When you think about it, isn’t that a little bit redundant? After all, a pair of boots that isn’t made with at least the possibility of walking in mind is probably not a very good pair of boots. We’re not saying that every boot has to feel like sinking your feet into a fluffy cloud, but we would expect that walking is pretty close to the minimum requirement one should be able to expect from boots.On the other hand (or foot), boots by no means have to be made only for walking. Take a look at these flashy glitter boots, for instance. These boots are made for dancing, if they’re paired with a go-go or disco outfit. Or perhaps these boots are made for elegant stepping, as part of a queen or princess ensemble. Or maybe these boots are made for clomping around as a robot or space invader. Made from synthetic materials, covered in sparkly silver glitter and featuring a 1.5-inch heel with an inner side zipper, these boots are made for whatever you want them to be made for. Your imagination is the only limit.

Disco Costumes
Material: Patent Leather

Price: $34.99

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Child White Gloves

These elegant child-sized white gloves will make her look extra glamorous in her flapper costume. These basic gloves will complete nearly any costume.


Does your little girl want to dress up as a fun-loving flapper for Halloween? Or would she rather be a precious princess this year? Maybe she doesn’t actually want to be royalty but she’d rather look like an entertainer, like an opera singer or a can-can dancer. Well, whatever you decide to dress your little angle up as for the coming holiday, make sure you get your hands on a pair of these Child White Gloves! She will appear to be straight out of a different era when she slips a pair of these elegant all white gloves up to her elbows. Originally this style of gloves was popular during the early 1800’s and has fallen in and out of popularity in the decades following World War One. However, when everyone sees how cute your little girl is while sporting these classy evening gloves they’ll want to grab a pair for their own kiddo and maybe even one for themselves!

Flapper Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN1301WHCH

Price: $8.99

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Child Pink Footless-Tights

What costume will you use the Child Pink Footless Tights to create? So many options!


Give Playtime a Leg UpSo, you think you’ve got your costume all picked out, eh? How exciting! In our opinion costumes make everything more fun. It’s hard to find a kid who’s not a costume enthusiast out there. After all, having an assortment of different mix and match costumes in the closet makes playtime options limitless. Who says there can’t be a banana bank robber or a pretty pirate princess? That’s up to your child’s imagination! This being said, it won’t hurt to round up your child’s costume collection with a few basics like these colorful leggings. Product DetailsIn a spandex and nylon blend, these tights have plenty of stretch making them playtime as well as trick-or-treat ready. The bright pink goes perfectly with a variety of costumes, letting your kid wear them again and again!Cast of CharactersWhat characters can you think of when you look at this bright pink? We can see a stunning unicorn, a garden fairy, a juicy piece of watermelon, even a sweet little piglet. And that’s just at first glance! Discover a cast of characters when you add these tights to your inventive kid’s collection. The options are endless!

Material: Nylon
Item: AM395705103

Price: $7.99

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