Toddler 80’s Workout Girl Costume

This exclusive 80’s Workout Girl Costume for toddlers will take you back to an era of neon clothing and Jazzercise!


Don’t break a sweat looking for the perfect 80s look! This exclusive toddler 80s workout girl costume has a fun retro style that’s perfect for your little one who loves to sweat. And somehow, she never gets tired! She’s like magic, especially when she puts an old work out video in the dusty VCR and starts sweating to some of Richard Simmon’s upbeat workouts. If your little whippersnapper does jumping jacks just for fun and toe touches just because she’s “bored,” then this costume is right up her alley. Push ups, pull ups, leg lifts, crunches, and stretches are all fun, motivating exercises that all little kids can complete. They’ll love doing their workout even more while they’re dressed as a classic 80’s workout girl. Trust us, costumes make every activity more fun. Neon legwarmers, off the shoulder sweatshirts, and sleeveless leotards are all components to this super cute costume. Cheery little girls will love wearing the stretchy leotard with two stripes going across the bottom. The hot pink sweatshirt is cut across the neckline to give off that sporty-girl vibe. The teal leggings have an elastic waistband so they’ll be comfortable to wear while she completes her toe touches. The hot pink legwarmers are the cute finishing touch on this 80’s themed ensemble. Tie a pony-tail in her hair, pop in an old workout video, and watch her do her thing! Throw on some of your favorite 80’s jams and make sure you have your phone ready. You’ll want to record all of this so you can watch it again when she’s all grown up!

80’s Workout Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: FUN2260TD

Price: $34.99

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Orange 80’s Shudder Shades

Accessorize for the 80’s with the Orange 80’s Shudder Shades.


The 80s CalledThey said you look totally radical.Okay, so maybe an entire decade can’t really make any phone calls to the future, but the 80s definitely were a special time. It was the age of teased up hair, bright neon colors, and cassette tapes. It was the age of New Wave, Hair Metal, and colorful antics. It was the age of spectacle, which we somehow lost in the angsty age of the 1990s. Well, we’re on a crusade to bring that sort of audacious style back… one pair of shades at a time.Product DetailsThese bright orange shades are simple plastic frames. They don’t feature lenses, but they do have a shutter style front, which is much better than silly clear lenses. They’re intended for ages 3 and older, and are one size fits most. Just pair it up with your shoulder pads, your neon scrunchie, and maybe some spandex to really help the 80s get the comeback it deserves!Back in StyleWhen you pay homage to the 80s, you indulge in the greatest decade of them all! Make sure to dig out your favorite cassette tapes (we suggest Thriller) and toss on your Members Only Jacket.

Material: Plastic
Item: FO62944

Price: $4.99

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Machine Gun Handbag

This Machine Gun Handbag is just the thing you need to complete your mobster costume!


An Accessory That SlaysSo we made up a new word. If you’ve read a handful of our costume descriptions then you know we tend to do that from time to time. The word is “mobsterista.” We took the word “mobster” and “fashionista” and mashed them together to form a whole new word to describe a girly gangster who knows a thing or two about style. It’s perfectly normal to know how to rob a bank AND dress like a Hollywood A-lister. It just goes to show that you’re a well-balanced woman! Product DetailsDon’t be alarmed ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t a real machine gun (even though it might trick most into doing a double-take.) It’s actually a handy purse that features a comfortable shoulder strap and a zippered pocket to hold all your necessities. Keys, money, cell phone, you name it, zip it inside and you’re ready to blow away the other party-goers. Figuratively speaking of course! Style MafiaThis machine gun handbag is the perfect accessory to pair with any women’s gangster costume. Heck, pair it with a men’s gangster costume if you’re feeling it. And keep checking your Webster’s Dictionary, for the word “mobsterista.” We’re positive it will show up… one day. 

Gangster Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: FO79456

Price: $12.99

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Men’s 80’s Space Superstar Costume

Dress us as an 80’s space superstar in this mens jumpsuit costume.


Earthlings have to follow so many rules. The list almost seems endless! You must cover your mouth when you sneeze. You need to clean up after yourself. You can’t use your phone while you’re in the movie theater. You have to wash your hands every time you use the bathroom. You have to say please and thank you for everything. Yes, as a terrestrial being, you just can’t seem to stay away from obeying the rules.Space Superstars from beyond the Solar System, on the other hand, don’t have to follow rules. Since they’re from outer space and all! They don’t have worry about silly things like wind resistance and gravity, since they just live it up in their futuristic space ships. They can crank the volume all the way up to 11, since they don’t have to worry about any neighbors call the police on them. (The cops have a pretty tough time trying to reach you if you’re orbiting the Andromeda system.) Yes, when you’re a Space Superstar, the entire universe is your limit, but you’d better start dressing like a space man if you plan on living the life of an alien from space!This Space Superstar costume will have you doing just that. You’ll be rocking, rolling and otherwise gyrating your body in all sorts of ways to booty moving music. It has dazzling reds and blues along with some gold shoulder pads that will have you creating some interstellar dance moves that belong in a galaxy far, far away from here. All in all, this 80s costume is going to have you being positively alien!

80’s Music Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: SM43858

Price: $54.99

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80s Cell Phone Wristlet

Only the coolest people had cellphones in the 80s! So, make your 80s costume the coolest it can be this Halloween with this exclusive 80s Cell Phone Wristlet.


We remember the 80s. Why, back in OUR day, cell phones didn’t have all these corn-fangled apps and doo-dads. There was no picture taking or video game playing around. The only thing a cell phone could do back then was make a phone call! And you have to walk FIFTEEN miles uphill through the snow just to get a signal. Then, if you were lucky, the phone would have just enough battery power to make a five-minute phone call. And forget about text messaging! Letters hadn’t even been invented yet, so you had to actually talk to people if you wanted to send them a message. Oh and did we mention how big they were? Why, you couldn’t even fit one in your purse or your pocket. You had to carry it with BOTH arms and that’s how you built character back then!This 80’s cell phone wristlet gives you a taste of the cellular Stone Age. It’s shaped like an old-school phone and stores a few your essentials inside. Like a real cell phone from the 80s, its ability to make actual phone calls is rather questionable (or non-existent) but it does go great with any costume you might be wearing to an 80s party.

Material: Polyester
Item: FUN6255AD

Price: $9.99

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Men’s 80s Jock Costume

There is nothing better than hearing the swish of track suit in the morning! Get your 80s workout style on with this exclusive Men’s 80s Jock Costume.


Love the 80sYou know what’s pretty amazing? That when we were in the 80s, we didn’t realize that the 80s were kind of ridiculous. We mean, 80s style is really a testament to the power of denial and the gullibility of the human spirit. But we also LOVE the 80s with all of our heart, and we’re guessing you do, too. The technology was cutting edge—portable cassette players and eventually disc players, cordless phones, even cell phones as big as your forearm—the music was on point, and the clothes…well, what can we say? The clothes were insane. But also cool (though insanely cool may be a stretch)! The point isn’t what you looked like, back then, it was what you felt like. And you felt fly. And here’s the good news: the 80s are back! We’ve seen actual scrunchies being sold in stores (we kid you not). So re-usher in your favorite era in this Men’s 80s Jock Costume. It’s a clash of colors and patterns that could only be considered cool circa 1985, and it makes a hilarious and totally radical costume. And seeing how the 80s are coming back, this may even be a fun look to take out on a random Friday night…psych!Design & DetailsThis exclusive costume features a jacket-pants-headband combo only possible in the 80s. The jacket zips and sports a gnarly neon colorblock pattern. Meanwhile, the pants are…memorable! They are green tiger strip (naturally) and have an elastic waistband, in case you need to get into a breakdance competition without warning. Somehow, the whole thing just works together. The terry cloth headband tops off your hair (hopefully a mullet) and makes you feel like a boss. Now, grab a real boombox and crank up some jams, or snag one of our inflatable models (they’re a lot lighter to carry on your shoulder all night, and you can blast the music from your phone!)— because tonight is gonna be bombdigity!Time to BounceWho are you kidding? You cannot resist 80s style anymore now than you could then. Throw on some shades, homeboy, and lace up a sweet pair of kicks, because there’s no point in trying to pretend you’re anything other than what you are: a child of the 80s. Maybe there will be a cute flygirl in the crowd tonight just looking for a sick guy like you!  

Material: Polyblend
Item: FUN6265AD

Price: $49.99

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High School Class Ring Necklace

Flaunt your sweetheart’s love with this High School Class Ring Necklace. It doesn’t matter that it’s fake once it’s around your neck no one will be able to tell the difference. Your goal is to impress all those snobby girls in your class.


Ever wish you could go back in time? Back to the days when everything was simpler? When there wasn’t over 1,000 TV channels that you had to decide between, when you didn’t have to worry about losing your phone because it was back home securely attached to your kitchen wall, and when social media didn’t have so much control over your life? Well, back in the 50’s you didn’t have to worry about becoming Facebook Official with your sweetheart it was much simpler, he would just give you his class ring and once you threw it on a necklace and wore it around at school everyone knew that you two were exclusive. Why not bring back the good ole days with this Ladies Steady Class Ring Necklace? Make others wish their lives were simpler, and then remind them that they to take the leap back to the 1950’s with you this Halloween!

50’s Accessories
Material: Plastic
Item: FO61545

Price: $6.99

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Men’s Work It Out 80s Costume

Embrace the fashion of the eighties in all its bright color glory when you wear this exclusive Men’s Work It Out 80s Costume.


Fad BodGosh, the 80s were good to us…just look at this costume! You can’t make this stuff up. The 80s were a hotbed of hot colors and wild patterns, geometric shapes and neon glory. But back then, we thought we looked cool. Right? So that begs the question: In 20-30 years, what we will think about the style trends we’re rocking right now? Can “leggings as pants” survive the test of time? Will the whole cut-out shoulder look be memorialized in a costume someday? And what about jumpsuits? How will they hold up as the years tick on?Well, we don’t have our crystal ball technology sorted yet (but we’re getting close! Check in around the new year), so we’ll focus on what we know: the 80s. If you, too, loved the style of this epic era and you want to relive the days of pumping sweet iron at the gym while you wiped the sweat from your even sweeter ‘stache then hey, this Men’s Work It Out 80s Costume is, like, totally for you, dude!Design & DetailsOur design team really did a totally tubular job with this one! It’s a complete look (but you’ll have to grow your own mustache). You get the geo-print, multicolor top and the teal tank to go over it, as well as hot pink, retro-inspired shorts and a yellow fanny pack (duh! where else you gonna stash your Gameboy or gigantic cell phone?). But that’s not all, hotshot. We’re also supplying you with a neon green headband and pink wrist warmers to keep you cool after your toughest sets. Schweet SweatSo, go on, champ—work it out! You look amazing in a way only the 80s can accomplish. How do you feel? Sick? Tight? Illin’? We think this costume is totally happenin’. But duh, we made it! Don’t take our word for it; head out on Halloween and see how wicked your night turns out to be!  

Material: Polyblend
Item: FUN6264AD

Price: $59.99

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Hippie Dude Costume

Soak up all the love of the 60s in this Hippie Dude Costume. The vintage 1960s mens hippie costume is perfect for any themed costume party, or just as a fun Halloween costume idea!


Do you hear that ringing, or is it just in our imaginations? Oh wait, it’s actually the phone ringing. It’s the 60’s calling for you, man, so are you gonna answer? If you do decide to take a trip back to the 60’s, you should bring this Hippie Dude Costume with you, just in case you, you know… need it, man. As it turns out, you can revisit the 1960’s without using mind-expanding chemicals. Thanks to the wonders of modern costume technology, it’s possible to experience the peace, understanding, and wild tunes that were so big during Woodstock and the Summer of Love. What makes using a costume to experience this era so great is that you can still have all the fun of travelling freely around the country in a VW Bus with your friends. But, if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere, you can just use your cell phone to call for a lift. Pretty far out, man! So, what do you need to look like a groovy 60’s hippie? Well, for starters, you need this brightly colored shirt with wild designs on it, to help you give off a real mellow vibe. The big afro wig and peace sign pendant will show everyone that your mind is as free as your hair, and that you’re into peace and love. The most important things to bring with you, though, are these round framed blue sunglasses. They’ll let you see the world in a whole new way! You’re gonna have a groovy trip back to the 60’s, man. Just try not to drink any mysterious Kool-Aid and forget how to get back home.

Hippie Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: RU880576

Price: $24.99

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