Mehron Silver Metallic Powder Makeup

Your Tin Woodsman costume will be the best recreation of the original when you finish it with this silver metallic powder makeup. Instructions for application are included.


So, you have got all of the components of your Tin Woodsman costume in order. Only one little problem…you are not–it turns out–made of tin! Take heart, friend! You can still raise your cool costume to the next level by applying this Silver Metallic Powder Makeup! No, your hands won’t rattle when they slam $10 on the bar for a round, but they will shine brightly under the bar lights. This metallic powder can be worn with or without the mixing liquid to give you a full metal makeover! It is a LOT cheaper than getting your entire body cast in tin (and a whole lot more comfortable, too). As for the whole heart thing, we can’t help you there (we aren’t legally allowed to sell internal organs anymore) but, we think we know someone who can…he’s just right down that road there…

Tin Woodsman Costumes
Material: Acrylic
Item: ME129MLS

Price: $12.99

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Mehron Clown Costume Makeup Kit

Complete your clown costume like a pro with this clown makeup kit. This professional quality makeup kit includes all colors, applicators and instructions for creating a spectacular look!


Have you ever thought about running away to join the circus? Why not turn your dream into a reality! It’s all about keeping life interesting, after all…isn’t it? There’s no end to the many faces you can paint with this professional quality kit. Guaranteed, you’ll never put on the same face twice…unless you want to. The matte white base in this kit is the foundation to every clown face, whether it is happy, sad, or indifferent. Have you ever heard of an indifferent clown? Neither have we, but it can probably be created with this Clown Costume Makeup Kit.In addition to the booklet included with your kit, you can find unlimited clown tutorials on the Internet these days. And now, you’ll have everything you’ll need to create the ultimate clown expression, including classic, funny, creepy, or downright scary. Whatever you decide…you can put on your clown face like a pro, and get ready to enjoy the spotlight!

Clown Costumes
Material: Plastic

Price: $19.99

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Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray

If you’ve spent a lot of time on a spectacular makeup job, you don’t want it to smear or rub off on your costume! This Makeup Barrier Spray prevents that.


Sometimes clowns are supposed to be sad, but not all of them should be. Have you ever had a situation when you got all dressed up as a slap happy clown ready to head out and put smiles on everybody’s faces with your dopey smile, and bright eyes? Then you step outside and it starts to rain, too bad your umbrella doesn’t work right because it’s part of your comedy act, and of course your clown car is in the shop because the shocks couldn’t handle the weight of all thirteen clowns in one car. By the time you get downtown, you’re definitely not looking like a happy clown anymore. You might even look a little scary with all the makeup running down your face. Our dear clowns, we have heard your cries of anguish and defeat! We have sounded the great honking noses to call for aid, and at last, aid has come! Spray this glorious solution of magic upon your faces, and not only will it hold your makeup for longer, but it will make it water resistant as well! Not a clown? This magic is powerful enough to work with any makeup theme! Even the scary ones!

Material: Acrylic
Item: ME145

Price: $10.99

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