Handle Bar Mustache

Add more authority to your Emerald City guard costume with this handle bar mustache. Or ride off into the sunset when you add it to a cowboy costume.


What would the world be like if there were only one type of mustache? It would certainly be a darker place than it is now. How would we tell the evil henchman from the heroic cowboy? How would we know the slimy business man from the ax-toting lumberjack? Not only would it be a world of confusion, just imagine the boredom! What’s the point of facial hair without variation? Luckily we live in our world, a world which contains all sorts of glorious mustache madness. You don’t even have to grow a wonderful mass of facial hair to stand out. You can simply purchase a fake mustache to define your character. This classic handlebar mustache works perfectly for Wizard of Oz guards, munchkins, old west bankers, and sword fighting vengeance seekers. With this mustache, whatever your adventure throws at you, you’ll face it with a stiff upper lip.

Sheriff Costumes
Item: HM715009BK

Price: $6.99

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Boys Uncle Sam Costume

Go with a classic American look with this boys Uncle Sam costume.


WE WANT YOU… to wear this costume!When it comes to things that represent patriotism you can look straight to the good ol’ American flag for the BEST example there is, but you probably shouldn’t WEAR the flag. Flags should always be treated with respect, and they have all kinds of rules on how to handle them. Did you know you shouldn’t even let a flag touch the ground? It’s true! So, as a runner-up for most patriotic thing in the United States that IS okay to wear, look no further than this Boys Uncle Sam Costume.Look at those red striped pants! Check out the star-spangled lapels on that jacket! That stars and stripes top hat belongs in a museum! It’s such a fun costume that is just perfect for the Fourth of July parade. Or you he could just wear it while hanging out on any day of the year. No matter what day it is, America remains amazing, so we think this costume is appropriate just about anywhere at any time, even Halloween. And don’t worry, it’s okay if this costume touches the ground or gets a little dirty. You also don’t have to worry about folding it into a triangle when you’re done.We’ve given you just a few fine reasons (and many more) to get your little Yankee Doodle Dandy this Uncle Sam costume, so now it’s time for him to show off his patriotic side and wave the Grand Ol’ Flag as this American icon!

4th of July Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CA00629

Price: $39.99

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Flapper Handbag Purse

Say doll, if you wanna be the bees knees you’re going to need this Flapper Handbag Purse. A pretty little dame like yourself shouldn’t have to carry her goods around.


That flapper dress is divine, doll! And when you walk in the door to that fancy shindig, you’ll be the bee’s knees for sure. Only, where to put your money? That dress if phenomenal, but we all know even the best flapper dresses don’t have pockets. They’re pretty, but not very practical.Which is totally why we have this Sequined Flapper Purse available. This hotsy-totsy little tote is black with a short handle and velcro closure. It’s got black fringe on the bottom (kind of like your dress!) and black sequins all over for a bit of glitz and glam. This nifty little bag will work great with your slinky dress, and will easily match with the sparkles and trim. That’s right. There’s no reason you can’t be all dolled-up and practical too.

Flapper Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FUN1003

Price: $5.99

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Disappearing Knife

You probably fancy yourself a tough guy, right? Ready to walk around like a gangster, wielding this Disappearing Knife. At least this toy weapon is completely safe, despite looking frighteningly dangerous.


We don’t ever recommend violence, but sometimes you need a weapon to make your costume look a little more tough or scary (accessories are very important when it comes to Halloween costumes). Here’s the thing: Whatever you do, don’t go around carrying real weapons in your Halloween costume. It’s too dangerous and someone could get hurt. A better option is this disappearing knife. This plastic knife with cross hatch grip features a 3” silver blade that retract into the handle, so even if you accidentally stab somebody, you won’t cause any damage. Also, you can have some fun in your scary serial killer costume by going crazy and stabbing guests at your Halloween party. Also, if you’re tired of carrying it, you can slip it into your pocket without running the risk of cutting your costume or even yourself. Add some toughness (and some magic) to your costume with this retractable blade disappearing knife.

50’s Accessories
Material: Plastic
Item: RU3822

Price: $3.99

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Mehron Makeup Barrier Spray

If you’ve spent a lot of time on a spectacular makeup job, you don’t want it to smear or rub off on your costume! This Makeup Barrier Spray prevents that.


Sometimes clowns are supposed to be sad, but not all of them should be. Have you ever had a situation when you got all dressed up as a slap happy clown ready to head out and put smiles on everybody’s faces with your dopey smile, and bright eyes? Then you step outside and it starts to rain, too bad your umbrella doesn’t work right because it’s part of your comedy act, and of course your clown car is in the shop because the shocks couldn’t handle the weight of all thirteen clowns in one car. By the time you get downtown, you’re definitely not looking like a happy clown anymore. You might even look a little scary with all the makeup running down your face. Our dear clowns, we have heard your cries of anguish and defeat! We have sounded the great honking noses to call for aid, and at last, aid has come! Spray this glorious solution of magic upon your faces, and not only will it hold your makeup for longer, but it will make it water resistant as well! Not a clown? This magic is powerful enough to work with any makeup theme! Even the scary ones!

Material: Acrylic
Item: ME145

Price: $10.99

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Black Sequin Cuff Disco Pants

Shake your groove thing in these Black Sequin Cuff Disco Pants. These mens pants make a great 1970s or Elton John costume idea.


Sequins! What makes a costume shine better than sequins? Don’t answer that, because there is no answer. Sequins are the answer. Sequins are life! Whoever invented the sequin (probably Elton John, because Elton John is a genius. Don’t bother finding out if it really was Elton John or not, just go with us on this one), they truly saved fashion. And how simple! Take a handful of little plastic disks (well, let’s be honest, if you really want to do it right you need a bucketful), tie them to a piece of fabric and viola! Not just “oh hey, there’s some plastic on your pants” but “Oh wow! What majestic beauty! How did you do that?” Basically, sequins shimmer like distant stars. They can draw out a person’s secrets. They’re hypnotizing and magical…Sorry, we got a little caught up in things there. But you need these pants. Think of any famous singer you’ve ever heard of. What do they all have in common? Great voices? Sure. Catchy songs? Maybe. But what they really have in common? You already know the answer: sequins. Because being a singer isn’t about how well you sing or what you sing (Okay, it’s mostly about those things), but it’s also about catching the eyes of your audience! And nothing will draw the eye like these magical pants. Maybe you’re not ready for that. Maybe you can’t stand people falling all over themselves trying to talk to you. If you can’t handle it, don’t get these pants. You’re not ready for that kind of power. But if you are ready… the world is yours!

Disco Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: FY782141

Price: $29.99

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Black Gangster Hat

This Black Gangster Hat has a classic fedora style that will have you looking like a smooth criminal from the 1920s.


C’mon now, punk! How’s da boss supposed know you mean business if you walk in wearing that gettup? You look like a clown. You gotta put on some nice threads before meeting the big cat and the rest of the crew. You know. A coat? Some slacks? Pick out a tie, for pete’s sake. Something sharp, but make it snappy.Whoa now, don’t tell us you were planning on leaving this joint without a good hat? That suit helps for sure, but no hat? That’d be the worst. No one’s gonna take you seriously without without some formidable head wear. What about that Black Gangster Hat over there? Molded felt with a satin ribbon? That’s one slick fedora, friend. Put that on, and we’ll be ready to go handle our business.

Gangster Costumes
Material: Polyblend
Item: FUN0008BKAD

Price: $12.99

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Gangster Girl Costume

Become the girl that no one wants to mess with when you wear this Gangster Girl Costume. Everyone knows that women run the world, so show off your power in this mob inspired outfit!


Move over, Al Capone—there’s a new face of fear in town. When most people think “mobster” they think of men (thanks again, Hollywood!); however, many highly horrible ladies roamed the speakeasies and streets, too: Helen Gillis (aka Mrs. Baby Face Nelson), Opal “Mack Truck” Long (one of Dillnger’s “Terror Gang”) and of course, Bonnie Parker (we’re giving her solo billing over Clyde) just to name a few. Show up to any costume party in this Gangster Girl Costume and you’ll help remind the boys that try as they might, they don’t quite have the mob market cornered. You’re fierce. You’re fearsome. And at least while you’re dressed like this, you always ride shotgun. Always. Your guy friends have a thing or two coming if they think they can swindle you out of the last drink or forget to pay you back for that pizza from last week. You always settle your debts—though they may not like how you handle things.To prep for tonight’s performance, you practiced your intimidation speech while slipping into this mini dress that’s styled to look like a skirt with suspenders over a white blouse. Then you had a sloe gin fizz or two and secured the necktie collar before topping off your look with your own finds: a fedora, tall boots, and a toy Tommy gun. We think you tastefully terrible in this ensemble, and we’re glad to know there are some bad babes keeping those mob men “honest.” And you don’t have to worry about us—as far as we’re concerned we never saw you here.

Gangster Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: CH02654V

Price: $39.99

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Men’s Black Pimp Shoes

Want to get that fly king of the street look from the 70s? Wear these Men’s Black Pimp Shoes and everyone will think you’re not just fly but super fly!


Do you need a bit of a boost this Halloween?How about you go and get ready to hit the streets as the flyest cat this side 42nd street and kick it ’til dawn in these totally unforgettable shoes. No one will be able to handle just how hip you’ll be when you mix these Men’s Black Pimp Shoes with one of our impressive pimp costumes. Just be sure to pick up your accessories–a cane and some serious bling–to transform yourself into the finest big daddy the block has ever seen. Or, you may want to use this pair as the absolutely perfect platform accompaniment for a swinging 70s look. The point is, whatever fab spot you find yourself in these shiny shoes, make sure you are able to see and be seen!

Pimp Costumes
Material: Patent Leather

Price: $34.99

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