Women’s Green Tutu

Add this Women’s Green Tutu to almost any costume to give fullness to a skirt, or use it as the base for your own individual fairy or leprechaun costume.


In the 2001 blockbuster movie Moulin Rouge!, Ewan McGregor is partying with some lads when someone brings out what was pretty much the 4Loco of the time – Absinthe. If you’ve never had a drink of this neon-green substance made out of wormwood, then consider yourself lucky, because that stuff is ripe – you basically have to cut it with tons of sugar just to make it even remotely palatable!But needs must, friends, and back then, you didn’t drink alcohol for the taste…you drank because of the way it made you feel, and when it came to absinthe, the biggest draw – and for us, the highlight of the movie – was wormwood-induced visions, like the one of a small emerald sprite who announces, “I’m the Green Fairy” (played perfectly by Kylie Minogue), and then flies about, sprinkling pixie dust and warbling, “the hills are alive with the sound of music.” And then stuff gets kind of dark (as in, Ozzy Osbourne screaming from the depths of your nightmares type-a dark), but the point is: When it comes to playing fairies, you don’t always have to be a Tinkerbell or a protector of Sleeping Beauty type…you can totally, totally decide to be a hallucinogen-induced manic-pixie kind of fairly, if that’s what you’re into! And to help, check out this Women’s Green Tutu!

Animal Accessories
Material: Polyester
Item: UN29355

Price: $7.99

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Long Neon Green Wig

Give ‘going green’ a new meaning! This Long Neon Green Wig is perfect for 80’s costumes or a green M&M costume!


What makes people want to change their hair color? Black hair is the most common hair color found in the world. Followed closely by brown, with only roughly 2% of the worlds population being naturally blonde. And, of course, red is even more uncommon than blonde. It’s no wonder why people want a little more variety.Oddly enough, naturally green hair seems to make up 0% of the worlds hair color population. How can that be possible? Look at this lovely Long Neon Green Wig. Look how natural it looks. Well, maybe not natural, but it is certainly awesome looking. Imagine this wig under some black light. Good music playing loud in the background. Whether you are at a concert or just hanging out with some friends, this wig is sure to make an impression. Who wants brown hair all the time anyway?

Material: Faux Hair
Item: FO68224

Price: $9.99

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Child Green Man Skin Suit

Green must really be this kid’s favorite color! This Child Green Man Skin Suit is a great zentai suit for kids to wear.


Every Halloween, you know you’re going to see a cat, and a self-referencing play on words, and a politician, and a monster. You’re going to see whatever big trend was on the news, and whatever character stood out in the latest blockbuster. You’re going to see superheroes and supervillains, pirates and gangsters. You’re going to see the same costumes you’ve seen for years.You’re not going to let your little one contribute to this mundane mediocrity! By George, you’re going to come up with a spectacularly original costume, one that no one has ever seen before. Maybe you’ll create a painfully detailed, stunning accurate 16th-century Templar knight, complete with hand-crafted chainmail. Or a wolf-man costume covered in real yak hair, just like they used in the old movies. Or a mermaid with real scales. Or maybe, originality (and time and money) can be saved by simply shelling out for this Child Green Man Skin Suit. Now your child can successfully blend in with the lawn, or some bushes, or a grassy knoll—instead of blending in with other costumers!

Zentai Suits
Material: Polyblend
Item: FO68898

Price: $24.99

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Rubies Green Face Makeup

Accessorize your Wicked Witch of the West costume with a palette of Green Face Makeup. It comes in multiple colors and is great for highlighting!


So you want to be a wicked witch for Halloween. You bought a fancy witch’s dress, the kind with spidery lace covering the skirt. You bought the pointed hat, and the curled toed shoes. You even made your very own flying broom. Heck you even found a pair of stripped stockings in your dresser. But you are still missing one part of being a witch.You don’t have green skin! How will people know you are an evil witch if you don’t have a green face? Well, with this Green Face Makeup you will be able to show off your evil witchy ways to anyone who sees you. You will be able to fly across the night sky cackling like only the evilest of witches can do. (Or really just carrying your “flying” broomstick as you point creepily at people, and cackle.)

Oz Witch Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: RU18167

Price: $4.99

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Screamin Green Crayola Eyelashes

Be green all over when you add these Screamin Green Crayola Eyelashes to your Screamin’ Green crayon costume!


Green is such a confusing color for us humans. When you’re looking at your food, and you see a bright green piece of lettuce or broccoli, that means it’s perfect and ready to eat. But, see a bright green piece of meat or bread, and you are mere minute away from a terrible day if you eat it. Likewise, if you see some green plants or trees, they are healthy and happy. If you see a green person, there is something seriously wrong. Maybe they ate some green meat? Okay, so for humans, being green ain’t too good. But, in nature, green is a sign of energy and magic. So, if you are looking for an accessory to go with a nature themed costume, these Green Crayola Eyelashes will bring out the natural vitality in your eyes. Whether you are dressing as a woodland fairy, a sorceress, or even Mother Nature herself, these eyelashes will give you a magical gaze to go with your costume.

Crayon Costumes
Material: Latex
Item: RA457004

Price: $5.99

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Short Bob Lime Green Wig

This short bob lime green wig is named after the fruit for a reason. It’s got a tart and shocking look, paired with a classic bob style.


What can we say about this wig? Well, first, in case it wasn’t incredibly obvious, it’s green! And green is a very versatile color. Think about it…it works for Halloween, for Christmas, for St. Patrick’s Day…it could even work for Mardi Gras or April Fools (depending on how creative you are)! Even May Day! MAN – the possibilities are endless!And then we’d like to helpfully point out that it’s a short. In the hairstyle world, experts call this cut a “bob”. Don’t question it, just go with it! You know what’s really great about short hair? It’s not long! Which means that it doesn’t get in your way when you’re trying to move quickly through a revolving door, or when you’re walking through a scissors factory, or when you’re trying to escape a handsy toddler who’s a bit too hair-obsessed for everyone’s good. Instead, with this Short Bob Lime Green Wig, you’ve got the kind of short, bobbed freedom that allows you to swing that green hair around without any consequences! (And – just to reiterate – on almost any holiday of your choosing!)

Item: CH60377GR

Price: $9.99

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Green and White Nylon Stockings

Well my little Strawberry Shortcake, the time has come to step outdoors. Don’t forget your Green and White Nylon Stockings, you’re not a delectable little berry without it. Stay green in a pair of delicious stockings!


Where are you going without a pair of Green and White Nylon Stockings? To a party on St. Patrick’s Day? No ma’am. All dressed up in your Strawberry Shortcake costume? That’s not right. The possibilities don’t stop there, oh no. These Green and White Nylon Stocking can add the perfect touch to a witch or candy striper costume as well! Get the stockings and get your look right. Once you try these stocking on you won’t want to ever take them off! Lucky for you, we’ve also got a black and white striped pair for any other costume needs you may have or hey, maybe you want to just to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe. The luck of the Irish will be with you when you’re sporting our Green and White Nylon Stocking!

Strawberry Shortcake Costumes
Material: Nylon
Item: LE6005GRWH

Price: $5.99

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Men’s 80s Jock Costume

There is nothing better than hearing the swish of track suit in the morning! Get your 80s workout style on with this exclusive Men’s 80s Jock Costume.


Love the 80sYou know what’s pretty amazing? That when we were in the 80s, we didn’t realize that the 80s were kind of ridiculous. We mean, 80s style is really a testament to the power of denial and the gullibility of the human spirit. But we also LOVE the 80s with all of our heart, and we’re guessing you do, too. The technology was cutting edge—portable cassette players and eventually disc players, cordless phones, even cell phones as big as your forearm—the music was on point, and the clothes…well, what can we say? The clothes were insane. But also cool (though insanely cool may be a stretch)! The point isn’t what you looked like, back then, it was what you felt like. And you felt fly. And here’s the good news: the 80s are back! We’ve seen actual scrunchies being sold in stores (we kid you not). So re-usher in your favorite era in this Men’s 80s Jock Costume. It’s a clash of colors and patterns that could only be considered cool circa 1985, and it makes a hilarious and totally radical costume. And seeing how the 80s are coming back, this may even be a fun look to take out on a random Friday night…psych!Design & DetailsThis exclusive costume features a jacket-pants-headband combo only possible in the 80s. The jacket zips and sports a gnarly neon colorblock pattern. Meanwhile, the pants are…memorable! They are green tiger strip (naturally) and have an elastic waistband, in case you need to get into a breakdance competition without warning. Somehow, the whole thing just works together. The terry cloth headband tops off your hair (hopefully a mullet) and makes you feel like a boss. Now, grab a real boombox and crank up some jams, or snag one of our inflatable models (they’re a lot lighter to carry on your shoulder all night, and you can blast the music from your phone!)— because tonight is gonna be bombdigity!Time to BounceWho are you kidding? You cannot resist 80s style anymore now than you could then. Throw on some shades, homeboy, and lace up a sweet pair of kicks, because there’s no point in trying to pretend you’re anything other than what you are: a child of the 80s. Maybe there will be a cute flygirl in the crowd tonight just looking for a sick guy like you!  

Material: Polyblend
Item: FUN6265AD

Price: $49.99

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Graftobian Deluxe Green Hairspray

Update your hair style with some color when you add this Deluxe Green Hairspray.


Make ‘Em Green With EnvyPicking out a favorite color isn’t the easiest thing to do because all colors are beautiful in their own way. To figure out the shade we like best, we made ‘A Favorite List’ featuring all the items we like best to see if there’s a unifying factor. (spoiler alert: there is!) Here’s our list: Rex the T-Rex from Toy Story, cactuses, lime jello jigglers, Rainforest tree frogs, and moss. For some reason, we love moss! After much examination, (actually, there was very little examining) we concluded that green must be our favorite color based on our list. Every item listed is emerald in color, emphasizing that our favorite color is…green! We bought an all-new jade wardrobe, started an all-green home makeover, and bought this deluxe green hairspray. It’s time to support our favorite color loudly and proudly. Product Details This deluxe green hairspray is contained in an aerosol can and washes out simply with shampoo and water. Just spritz it on and you’ll have a brand new hairdo to reflect your favorite hue. Green Light Your CostumePair this can with a Joker costume for an authentic look or spray it on for a one-night event like a party or festival. It’s the ultimate (and most convenient way) to advertise your favorite color!  

Material: Aerosol
Item: GB12404

Price: $12.99

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Women’s 80’s Space Superstar Costume

You’ll show those earthlings how to rock in this 80’s Space Superstar Costume!


These days you’re ninety percent certain that you weren’t born on this provincial planet. For one thing, you don’t even remember being born. You’d think an event like that would stick with you! As much as you look around this planet you can’t seem to find anyone quite like you. You have to imagine a being with your kind of star power has to be intergalactic! You don’t remember falling to earth but you can imagine yourself immerging from a misty crater with the concept of glam rock awakening in your soul, ready to be gifted to mankind like two jars of Frankincense and Mer. Not so long ago you were emerging out of some green, glamorous space egg wearing an iconic jumpsuit, reborn in a far-out earthling image. Reborn and ready to rock. Some people get it, they rock with you, maybe they even try and recreate your epic mullet. Some people don’t understand this moon-age revolution but you aren’t worried, they’re either on your intergalactic rocket or they’re off of it! While crowd surfing in this jumpsuit with its golden shoulders, collar, and lightning bolt belt isn’t quite as fun as free floating in space, you can’t do that forever. When you’re ready to come back to earth and activate your stellar star power, slip on your suit, add liberal sparkle to your face, and slip on your brightly colored mullet. Believe us, these earthlings are ready to rock!

80’s Music Costumes
Material: Polyester
Item: SM43859

Price: $44.99

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