Screamin Green Crayola Eyelashes

Be green all over when you add these Screamin Green Crayola Eyelashes to your Screamin’ Green crayon costume!


Green is such a confusing color for us humans. When you’re looking at your food, and you see a bright green piece of lettuce or broccoli, that means it’s perfect and ready to eat. But, see a bright green piece of meat or bread, and you are mere minute away from a terrible day if you eat it. Likewise, if you see some green plants or trees, they are healthy and happy. If you see a green person, there is something seriously wrong. Maybe they ate some green meat? Okay, so for humans, being green ain’t too good. But, in nature, green is a sign of energy and magic. So, if you are looking for an accessory to go with a nature themed costume, these Green Crayola Eyelashes will bring out the natural vitality in your eyes. Whether you are dressing as a woodland fairy, a sorceress, or even Mother Nature herself, these eyelashes will give you a magical gaze to go with your costume.

Crayon Costumes
Material: Latex
Item: RA457004

Price: $5.99

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Black Eyelashes

Let your costume really stand out by adding these black eyelashes. They go great with any flapper, movie star, or Marilyn Monroe costume.


A wise bard once said eyes are the windows to the soul. So you wouldn’t want them looking plain now, would you? Wear our seductive costume eyelashes and we have it on good authority you’ll attract the gaze of just about everyone—which can be an annoyance, but you’ll deal. Whether you’re a movie star, a flapper girl, or Marilyn Monroe herself, costume party guests will glance once at your beautiful eyes and be helpless to form a disorderly line at your feet, where you can pick and choose the best-looking vampire or werewolf to escort you from the dance floor to the punch bowl and back all night. If the eyes truly are the window to the soul, then be sure they’re all dolled up and reflect what’s just inside! These costume eyelashes are a great way to do just that!

Disco Costumes
Material: Plastic
Item: SM21120

Price: $5.99

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